By Julie D’Aloiso

There was only one issue on the ballot in the Nordonia area on May 7th.  It was a great day for the school district with 60% of the votes voting YES.

There were other kinds of issues at some of the polling locations as some people said they were harassed. See more info here.

Other than that, it did not take long to vote, it probably took longer to park your car than it took to place your vote. Many people thought it was a important election and 38% of the registered voters placed their votes.

Issue 3 was a 6.98 permanent operating levy for the Nordonia School District.  This will generate around $7 million for the school district. The cost to homeowners will be $20 a month for a $100,000 home. It will be used for building repairs, security, staff and more.

Dr. Joe Clark has a message for voters: “I want to thank you for voting. If you voted yes, thanks for supporting us. If you voted no, thanks for participating in the democratic process too many people take for granted. I know that with a passing levy comes a huge responsibility to be fiscally responsible. Trust is a cathedral built a brick at a time, and we will continue to do all we can to be good stewards of resources you provide.”

For more information on how this affects the school district, see Dr. Joe Clark’s letter here.

Dr. Joe Clark also Tweeted: “That was biggest victory ever for NHCSD operating levy. Nordonia’s had 42 levies in history. Average levy fails 53-47. Issue 3 won 59-41.”

There was a similar school levy on the ballot in the fall that failed by less than 700 votes.

See how each of the wards or precincts voted.