2nd Annual Dazzle Awards – Nordonia Drama club gets nominations


By Chris Ramos

The Dazzle Awards await around the corner. Nordonia Senior Sam Fujikawa, who showcased a brilliant performance as the romantic hero Marius in Les Miserables, has been nominated for Best Actor. Coupled with his nomination, the musical’s orchestra was nominated for Best Student Orchestra due to their tremendous work in Les Miserables.

This year’s awards are the second annual, which commemorate the commitment and excellence of high school musical theater.

The Best Actor and Best Actress winners will go on to represent Northeast Ohio at the National High School Musical Theatre Awards in New York City, which stimulates the excitement behind the awards even more.

The Dazzle Awards will be held at Playhouse Square on Saturday, May 20th. The start time for the awards is 7:30 PM.

Best wishes to Sam & the Orchestra, I enjoyed Les Miserables thoroughly.