5 Ways to Convert Your House into an Airbnb

Whether you have a second home or travel often, renting out your house on Airbnb is a convenient way to make a bit of cash while your house is sitting collecting dust. This endeavor is not one you want to jump into blindly, as this could cause you to feel overwhelmed. Before officially listing your home, follow our lists of tips and tricks on converting your home into the vacationer’s ideal Airbnb location.

1. Clean Your Home

This one seems obvious, but it’s incredibly important. You don’t ever want to stay in a dirty hotel, and the same applies to your guests. Give your house a top to bottom deep clean and make sure that all accommodations are ready. While you’re cleaning, check to see if your home contains any hazards such as leaks or mold. You’ll want to take care of these issues before accepting any guests.

2. Consider Your Audience

When owning a home, you tailor it to appeal to your own tastes. When you’re renting it out to other people, you have to consider arranging it to tell a different story. Consider keeping a neutral color scheme and paint your walls if needed. Keep furniture minimal and cohesive, if possible. Additionally, make sure that your home doesn’t seem too cluttered. You want to ensure that this is a place where anyone can feel comfortable and at home.

3. Keep Things Stocked

Think of the amenities that you would expect when staying away from home and take these into consideration. Things that you want to always have on hand should include:

  • Extra towels and toilet paper
  • A hair drier
  • A coffee maker and kettle
  • Extra sheets and blankets
  • Hand soap
  • Toothpaste
  • A first aid kit
  • Chargers
  • Extras such as DVDs and board games

4. Provide a List of Resources

Consider leaving your guest with a list of useful resources in case they have any questions. It will be useful for them to have something to refer to as it’s a more convenient option than having to call you if they have any inquiries. Some things to documents can include:

  • Your number
  • The Wi-Fi password
  • Nearby convenience stores
  • TV channels
  • Popular restaurants in the area
  • Etc.

5. Take Quality Pictures

Once you have your home staged the way your guests will see it, be sure that you’re taking high-quality photos that accurately represent your space. Unlike the real estate market, your guests won’t get to see your home in person before choosing it, and you don’t want to risk a bad review. Make sure that you’re uploading the best pictures possible.