flowers in vase on table
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As the Ohio weather warms up, you’ll need to start thinking about how you can prepare your living space for the changing seasons. To help, we’ve provided seven ways to transition your home from winter to spring.

Bring in The Flowers

This seems obvious, but it can really make a big difference in how your home looks and feels. Greenery in a living space can be inspiring and refreshing. You can set out a vase of seasonal flowers or try arranging potted foliage along a shelf. When it comes to incorporating floral arrangements into a room’s décor, the possibilities are endless.

Check Your Windows

You certainly don’t want the rain to make its way into your home! As you install screens, check to make sure there aren’t any tears in them. Additionally, inspect the seals—if you see any peeling along the trim, that’s a good indicator that you should reseal your windows.

Clean Your Gutters

Not only do you need to clean your gutters before winter, but you should clean them after winter, too. Once spring is in full gear, make sure you clear any debris from the gutters and at the spouts. We recommend Mr. Handyman’s team of gutter-cleaning professionals—they will be at the 27th Annual Community Expo on March 23rd.

Dust Off the Lawn Furniture

Now’s the perfect time to bring out the chairs and tables sitting in your garage. If your grill is hiding under a cover, go ahead and take it off. These climbing temperatures are the ultimate excuse to step outside, fire up the grill, and enjoy your outdoor furniture.

Fix Foundation

The winter impacts your home’s foundation more than you may realize. Spring is ideal for examining the foundation of your home, as you’ll have a closer look without the snow getting in the way. If you notice any cracks or pools of water as you walk around your home, call your local contractor. Only professionals should handle foundation repair to ensure your home’s structure is properly restored.

Repair Your Roof

Winter can wreak havoc on your roof, even if it’s brand new. To ensure your roof can handle the spring rain, give it a little TLC. Look for spots where water could potentially seep through your ceilings. You should also repair loose shingles and replace any missing ones. Along with this, if you find moss on the exterior vents, be sure to clear it off. If necessary, use a moss killer to protect your roof from future damage.

Swap Out Your Home Décor

Spring should be a cheerful time, so switch out your winter décor with spring-related pieces. Pull out the light-colored decorations and furnishings—bright fabrics and pops of color will really liven up your home. You’ll also want to put your heavy sheets in storage and exchange them for cotton or linen bedding.

As you transition your home from winter to spring, we hope you keep these ideas in mind to make this process a breeze.