By Dr. Krystosik

If a door is not opening and closing properly, a repair man would not just evaluate the door in a closed position to find the cause of the problem. After observing the door in the stationary, broken position, they would try to swing the door open and closed to determine the doors functional capacity. In other words, is the door moving properly, and if not, what is causing the restriction. Dr. Krystosik uses a similar approach when examining a patient’s spine. 

Dr. Krystosik carefully examines each spine while standing, sitting and lying down. Next, he evaluates the patient as he or she walks, squats, bends and twists. Finally, and most importantly, he performs a motion analysis of the spine. This is Dr. Krystosik’ s secret to success in helping thousands of patients recover from acute and chronic neck and back pain. Here is how a motion palpation evaluation of a spine is performed, and how it can make a difference in finding the root cause of your pain. 

During the first part of a motion palpation analysis of the spine, Dr. Krystosik does a quick scan of the entire spine. Starting at the base of the spine, 

and moving up into the neck, he carefully palpates (feels) every joint while gently moving up the spine in motion. This important part of the motion analysis of the spine will reveal the levels of the spine that have restricted motion. Next, the three or four areas of the spine that have restricted movement are evaluated in all 4 ranges of motion. Dr. Krystosik will restore motion to each affected area with gentle chiropractic adjustments to the restricted areas. If motion is not restored to the spine, the problem will persist, and arthritis will develop in the areas with restricted motion. Any evaluation of the spine that does not include a motion palpation analysis of the spine will not provide the patient with the maximum benefit of chiropractic care. 

Take Home Message: If your neck, back or headache pain keeps coming back, you need to have a motion palpation analysis to discover the cause and proper correction of your spinal problem. 

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