When a door is not opening and closing properly, you would not just examine the door in a closed position. After observing the door in a fixed, closed and fixed, opened position, you would swing the door open and closed to determine if it was functioning correctly—moving properly.  Dr. Krystosik uses a similar approach when examining a patient’s spine.

First, as all chiropractors do, Dr. Krystosik carefully examines each spine while standing, sitting and lying down. Next, as all chiropractors do, he examines the spinal movements as the patient walks, squats, bends and twists. Finally, and most importantly, here is Dr. Krystosik’s distinct difference (his secret) in evaluating his patient’s spine. Dr. Krystosik carefully palpates (feels) every joint in the spine while they are moving (it’s called motion palpation). He evaluates every joint in the neck, midback and low back in this manner checking them for proper movement in all 4 ranges of motion. If he finds any restricted joint movement, Dr. Krystosik will apply the most effective and biomechanically correct ways to mobilize the fixated joints, restoring them with motion (movement).  If motion is not restored in every joint of the spine, the pain will keep coming back and worse than that, arthritis will eventually set into the spine. Dr. Krystosik believes any evaluation less than this will not provide a patient with the maximum benefit of chiropractic care. Experience the difference in spinal care. Take advantage of his free chiropractic consultation and evaluation ($140 value). Call Dr. Krystosik at his Northfield office for your no obligation consult and examination at 330.908.0094. And be sure to listen to Dr. Krystosik live on 100.1 fm WNIR “the talk of Akron” every Sunday afternoon from 1:00 to 1:30. Call now for your free consultation and examination at 330.908.0094.

See in the video below, Mike talking about how Dr. Krystosik helped him with his neck pain.