2016 test winners: JC Sullivan, Program Chair, Kayla Vasarhelyi, Megan Ryan, Danielle Bobay, Michael Kerosky, Daniel Liszka, Casey Wright, Principal and Darlene Pristash, Unit 801 President. Not pictured is Austin Babb. Each received a $25.00 check from Post & Chapter 801.
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Macedonia. Nordonia Hills American Legion Post 801 and the Ladies Auxiliary Chapter 801 recently sponsored the Americanism and Government Test at the High School. Although created by the Ohio American Legion, the Test program is a joint venture and partnership with the Ohio American Legion Auxiliary, which is a co-sponsor of the program. The Test is composed of fifty (50) questions comprised of True/False, multiple choice, and fill-in the blank. The program fosters interest in all levels of government, citizenship and provides students the opportunity to receive recognition and scholarships.  A test was administered by school officials  to test a student’s knowledge of U.S. Government. A three hundred (300) word essay is also part of the Test and every student taking the test writes on the same essay topic. The essay is utilized in the various judging levels of this program as a Tie-breaker.

Through a number of judging levels in the state of Ohio to select Post, County, and District winners, the initial field of 65,000 students is narrowed to 84 district winners, whose winning test papers are submitted to a State Judging Committee for this program. From the field of 84 District winners, the State Judging Committee selects 18 winners in the following categories:

Grade 12 (seniors): Six (6) State winners/three (3) men and three (3) women

Grade 11 (juniors): Six (6) State winners/three (3) men and three (3) women

Grade 10 (sophomores): Six (6) State winners/three (3) men and three (3) women

The State Award from the Ohio American Legion for the 18 State winners is a five (5) day, all expenses paid trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. under the direction of the Department Americanism Director, accompanied by representatives of the Ohio American Legion and Ohio American Legion Auxiliary. The Ohio American Legion and Ohio American Legion Auxiliary have had the honor of laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns every year since 1936.