Front row, L - R: Ken Turley, Jim Krasnicki, Hunter Daniachew, Commander Dave Pristash. Back row, L - R: JC Sullivan, Program Chairman, Jerry Fana, Frank Posar, Tom O'Brien, Bart Benjamin
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Stunning letter (see below).

Hunter, along with two other Nordonia High School students, participated in the week-long  American Legion’s Buckeye Boys State Program at Bowling Green University. He was sponsored by Nordonia Hills American Legion Post #801. While there they create a mythical state government. For additional information on the program visit:

JC Sullivan
Program Chairman

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Dear Legionnaires,

Hello Legionnaires of Post #801. I wanted to take some of my time to thank you for making my experience at Buckeye Boys State possible.  I have to admit, for the first couple weeks before the program, I wasn’t really looking forward to going except for being able to participate in the band. But despite my feelings, I didn’t want to disappoint any of you and because of that, I am extremely happy that I went.

At Buckeye Boys State, I was put into Schnug City of Wagonseller County. There were 42 other guys in my city and I became very close to all of them as the week progressed. We would always love spending our free time together and relating to one another. Even during the busy work days, we would still check in on each other. There were truly strong bonds formed between us all. The counselors and legionnaires were some of the most were some of the most inspiring people I have ever met. For my career, I became the city safety/service director. For my job, I recorded many censuses, was in charge of checking everyone in, and helped out in other departments (Engineer, Law Director, City Council.) I also got to leave campus and actually see what an actual Safety/Service Director  job entails, such as learning how a windmill and water treatment facility are maintained.

Out of all these great experiences, there is one that really stuck with me. It was the first nightly assembly and there was a WWII veteran there.  At the end of the assembly as everyone left the building,  I stayed behind to shake his hand and thank him for his service. I’ve met many veterans before, but never a WWII veteran. That moment of  talking to that elder will always stay with me as my grandfather served in WWII in the navy but died when I was only three years old, preventing me from being able to grow up with him by my side.  Simply seeing someone who went through the same things he did and seeing how he could’ve been was a gift that I will never forget nor can I thank you all enough for. I have earned a newfound respect and all men and women who stood for it.

Once again, I cannot thank you all enough for giving me this opportunity. I will continue to speak proudly to others about the program and represent the American Legion with the utmost honor.

Sincerely, Hunter Daniachew