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On Saturday, April 28, Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro and Fiscal Officer Kristen Scalise partnered with Acme Fresh Markets for their Annual Can Do! dog licensing program. Summit County dog owners who had not renewed their dog’s license for 2018 were given a one-time offer of amnesty on the $18 late fee if they donated a can of dog food to the Summit County Division of Animal Control. The donated food is then used to help feed the shelter animals housed at the Animal Control facility while they await their owners to claim them or to be adopted.

A total of 637 dog licenses were purchased, and 11 shopping carts full of donated dog food for Summit Animal Control were collected at the following Acme Fresh Market store locations: Acme #1- 1835 W. Market St., State Road Acme- 2226 State Rd., Ellet Acme- 2420 Wedgewood Dr., and Portage Lakes Acme- 3235 Manchester Rd.

“The turnout for this event was outstanding, and we greatly appreciate Acme Fresh Markets for continuing to partner with Summit County to support the Can Do! event,” said Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro. “This was a great opportunity for residents and their dogs and in turn, it will help feed so many animals at our Animal Control facility, who are awaiting their forever homes.”

Ohio law requires citizens who own, keep or harbor a dog more than three months of age to purchase a county dog license on an annual basis. In addition to complying with the law, county-issued dog licenses provide legal proof of ownership and identification. If your pet is lost, it’s their ticket home.

“Maintaining a current dog tag will keep your pet safe and legal,” said Fiscal Officer Kristen Scalise. “We understand that sometimes even the most responsible dog owners miss the renewal deadline. If you still need to purchase a 2018 dog tag, please call my office at 330-630-7226 or email”

For more information on the Summit County Division of Animal Control, visit
On the Summit County Fiscal Office’s website you can find links to the missing pet network, a list of dog licensing locations, online licensing forms, and the canine search engine:
Residents without access to the Internet may contact the Summit County Fiscal Office at 330-630-7226.