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Letter to the Editor By Phil Chalmers

These murders will continue. It’s not guns, Republicans, Democrats, the President, the NRA, more gun laws or AR-15’s. The answer is not easy, and actually, the solution may not be attainable. We raise our children up in a culture of violence, and they grow up learning about violence in their movies, music, video games and television shows. We pass gun laws, but gun laws don’t stop school shootings. Most teen killers and school shooters either steal their guns, bring them from home, or purchase them illegally. So how do we stop school shootings? You can’t stop school shootings, but we can try to prevent as many as possible. We need to stop bullying. ALL school shooters have been bullied. We need to stop selling children violence (Good luck with this one, even Walmart profits off violence)! We need to enforce parents and gun owners to lock up their guns (This is the only gun control that will stop murder). And we need to protect our students like we protect judges, politicians and pilots. We need to secure our schools like airports, courthouses and government buildings. This will take billions of dollars. None of these measures will stop mass murderers and school shooters. But they will stop some, and these measures will save some lives. The truth be told, nothing will be done after this shooting. Ten deaths are not enough. Until we wake up and see 100, 200, 300 students killed, nothing will be done. That is the sad reality. Every school needs multiple security officers, at least one armed police officer, metal detectors, and one entrance. It will take two hours to get into your school. Just like the airport. So how bad do you want your kids to be safe?