Chris Walerski owner of C & D Plumbing, talks about Plumbing.
He covers some tips that could save you time and money and some real stories about actual items that had to be retreived from the plumbing.

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I invite you to choose C&D Plumbing for your next project. You will be pleased with the results and impressed with our commitment to customer service—our respect for you, your property, and your project timelines.

At C&D Plumbing, we recommend the best materials for your budget and ensure that our work meets industry standards and building codes set forth by the State of Ohio. Our work will pass inspection.

I have been a professional plumber since 1994. I have worked on and managed a wide variety of projects in commercial, residential, and industrial settings. I understand that each project has its unique set of circumstances and needs, and I bring to each job an ability to analyze problems, visualize solutions, communicate options to my customers, and achieve desired outcomes with attention to detail.

Chris Walerski

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