By Phil Chalmers

Attention Students. Walking out of school for gun control is nice. But gun control is not an answer. I agree that we should make it hard for bad guys to get guns. But this problem is much bigger than guns. My question? Why do teens want to kill each other? If you want to protest and ban something? We need to ban bullying! Every school shooter was bullied. We also need to ban violent entertainment. What? You like killing cops and prostitutes? Well, now you have lost my respect. Truth is, after your protest, you can’t wait to go home and kill cops, prostitutes and hundreds of fellow human beings. Why? Because killing entertains you. We will never keep guns away from bad guys. Just like we will never keep heroin away from drug addicts. I like your enthusiasm. It is directed in the wrong direction. Stop allowing politics and the news media to dictate your efforts. Instead, love your fellow students. Stop bullying each other. And befriend those who are outcasts.

A guy who played Donkey Kong, had guns in every room of his house, and never thought about killing his classmates.

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