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This past weekend we went on Brent’s boat. Dannie, Brent, Katie, and Pat Looby. Just after we went up on plane, the boat very suddenly and violently turned sharply for an unknown reason. We are unsure of the cause and it is being investigated by law enforcement because serious injuries are involved.  Alcohol and negligence are NOT factors in this incident. Pat Looby and Brent were ejected from the boat.  All received various degrees of minor injuries, except for Brent.  Brent was found floating on his back, unconscious, not breathing, and no pulse. With difficulty, Brent was hauled onto an approaching pontoon boat and resuscitation efforts were begun.  At some point he vomited a large volume of water, and then began breathing along with a pulse, but he remained unconscious.  He was transported by law enforcement and during that transport, CPR and rescue breathing was re-initiated, apparently because Brent stopped breathing and his heart stopped. Presently Brent is in the intensive care unit.  He has not regained consciousness. There is no brain swelling and there is no significant bleeding in the brain. He is in stable, but critical condition, mildly sedated, and he has brain activity.  His body is swollen and there are minor superficial injuries, but the greatest concern is waiting for Brent to awake from his coma.  The doctors have determined that there is nothing preventing him from awaking and that could happen at any time….today, tomorrow, or next week.
We have been overwhelmed at the amount of support we have received from friends and family. Thank you very much for everything all of you are doing. We wish there was more to share with you at this time, but the information above is as much as we know and we will share more with you if anything changes. Time demands prevent us from responding to individual requests for information.  We have everything we need and there is nothing anybody can do for us at this time except to pray for Brent. Please add him to your prayers because we desperately need divine intervention to help us through this extremely difficult time as our wonderful husband, father, and dear friend faces this critical situation.  


UPDATE 6/3 Yesterday the EEG brain activity result was not what we were hoping to see. Today Dannie spoke to the trauma doctor and it was requested that the MRI test be performed as soon as possible. The doctor moved up the MRI schedule from Monday to today. This afternoon he was sent into the MRI test and we will receive the results as early as tomorrow. We will update the site with the results as soon as they become available.