Photo by Victor Milani

By Julie D’Aloiso

Planning on going to the First Watch Restaurant on a Sunday around lunchtime? You are not alone.

Recently we decided to have Antonio Pizza for lunch on a Sunday. I arranged to pick it up at noon. BIG MISTAKE. I should have had it delivered. There was not a parking spot anywhere. The area behind the plaza is a one way narrow lane. Once I found out that there were no spots, there was no where to go. Luckily someone was leaving and I was able to take their spot.

This plaza parking lot, in my opinion, was poorly planned. The lot behind the plaza should be used for additional parking. Recently the landlord proposed more development and his variance was rejected. More stores and a few more spots would not help the situation. More parking spots need to be added. I know, for the landlord, adding more businesses would bring him more money, but he is the only one that would benefit from that project.

Some people park in the Winkling Lizard PLAZA parking lot when there are no spots left. I am sure the businesses there do not appreciate their precious spots taken. Imagine you have the mattress business in the First Watch plaza. On a busy day your customers have to park in the Winking Lizard Plaza which happens to have another mattress store!