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The band’s blue-collar persistence made their 2013 breakout single, “Carolina,” into a Platinum-certified #1 hit, while their debut album landed in the Top 10. Two more singles (“Close Your Eyes” and “Already Callin’ You Mine”) rose to #3 and #10 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart, all while they kept their noses to the grindstone, touring hundreds of dates a year. Awards nominations from the Academy of Country Music and Teen Choice Awards came rolling in, and headlining tours were launched but the hard-working virtues of their upbringing stand tall.

The work continued with the release of their most recent album, 27861 in July of 2017. Both singles from the project, “Roots” and “Sunday Morning” enjoyed chart time on Billboard’s Top 40 Country Airplay chart and have seen more than 30 million combined streams on Spotify.

Bottling up that vitality and fun for the summer, the band has packed a sixer of some of their most rebel-rousing, party-starting, tracks for their Party Pack. Available digitally (aptly on 4/20), the compilation features two new tracks (“Last Night” and “These Are The Good Days”) that showcase the band’s signature Country-rock sound, defined by blazing guitars and soaring harmonies, live drums and a locked-in musical brotherhood. Each song in the pack was co-written by lead singer, Matt Thomas and pushes forward to the edges of modern Country, bringing in expertly-programmed beats, irresistible pop melodies, and vocal hooks built to grab attention from fans of any genre.

Each of the blood-pumping, high-tempo tracks delivers a rocking good party, but with none of the hangover. The Party Pack takes listeners on a wild rollercoaster of a journey through a weekend complete with epic parties, morning mimosas, day drinkin’ and solving those morning-after mysteries like how a car ended up in the pool.

“We love bringing people together for a good time and we hope they’ll clap, sing along, and raise one up— that’s what this Party Pack is all about,” Matt says with a grin.

The first top popped in the pack is the band’s latest single, “Hotdamalama,” which first appeared on 27861. The track, which Taste of Country says is “built to be the song of the summer,” marks the bands seventh single, with the previous six all reaching Top 40 in Country radio. The summer-ready scorcher is a fast-paced flirty tribute to a woman so stunning they’ve had to make up new terms for it.

The band is no stranger to a little creative wording. After decades of friendship and endless days spent on a bus together, the four guys nearly have a language of their own. They’ve even begun sharing some of their original vocabulary with fans through a hilarious video series called “Parmalisms,” which shows off their fun-loving nature and routinely leaves their 580,000+ fans in stitches.

“Seeing people smile, laugh and enjoy themselves because of something you’ve done is a great feeling,” said Barry as Scott added, “Sharing that joy and making people have fun makes all those rougher days worth it.”

The road to success wasn’t all flowers for the band, they have come a long way since their modest beginnings, working odd jobs like logging forests, construction, and any other type of manual labor to make ends meet. They’ve also had a few setbacks— in 2010, two men attempted to rob the band at gunpoint after a show, which led to Scott being hospitalized for 35 days, 10 of which he spent in a coma, for multiple gunshot wounds. Despite a five percent chance of survival, he miraculously pulled through and the band went on to secure a record deal just four months later.

No matter the obstacle, the foursome never wavered. Their tenacious work ethic, small-town values and love for each other has allowed them to persevere, grow stronger and rise to where they are today. At heart, they’re still the fun-loving Carolina boys with the same adventurous spirit they left home with on the road to Nashville and beyond.