Summit County Republican Party bosses, after initially deciding to stay neutral in open-seat State Representative races, went back on their word and made the decision to tip the scale toward their preferred candidates. Believing that the voters, and the voters alone, deserve the
opportunity to decide the best candidate to represent them, candidate for the 37th House District Dexter Vaughan, refused to seek the endorsement. Vaughan believes in a fair and open process and the actions of the county party bosses directly contradict what the party previously stated, which is that they would not endorse in the race.

Vaughan stated, “To my fellow residents of District 37, people who live outside of this district are trying to make this choice for you and I refuse to be a part of it.” It was also stated by Gloria Rodgers, member of the Executive Committee of the Summit County Republican Party and resident of District 37, “I am, as I have always been, committed to electing Republican candidates throughout Summit County and across Ohio. The best way to do this is through open and fair primaries where the voters and only the voters decide who will best represent them. I feel this should be no different with the primary race to succeed the term-limited State Representative Kristina Roegner.” Mrs. Rodgers is not endorsing any of the candidates in this primary.

You can learn more about Dexter Vaughan by visiting his website,
or by calling him at (234) 206-1942.