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by Dan Raimer

We (Dannie and Niki) would like to express our extreme gratitude and appreciation to all of our family, friends, and members of the community for their support, presence, and compassion during this extremely difficult time in our lives.  Yesterday we laid Brent to rest before God. Although we are overcome with grief because of this horrible accident, we could not have made it through without you. The level of support we received from our friends and other family members was incredible.  We would also like to express a very special thanks to the community and it’s support, especially the members of law enforcement and the fire department.

Our lives will be difficult, especially during the next several weeks as we try to reconstruct our lives without Brent “the fixer”. Although some of you have asked, we have no idea the direction our lives will now take. This will take time for us to make these decisions and we ask for your patience and the continuing support we will need.  Please pray for us and continue to pray for Brent. 

Dannie and Niki