Nick Molnar
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Dear City of Macedonia residents,

I am writing to you today with profound respect for the Office of the Mayor, which I assumed pursuant to the operation of the City’s Charter after Mr. Migliorini’s sudden resignation yesterday afternoon (see related story here).

Please know that the City is continuing its normal operations without interruption, and I look forward to working towards improving those operations and the services being provided to our residents going into the future.


Mayor Nick Molnar

Editor’s Note:

Now that Macedonia Council President Nick Molnar has replaced former Mayor Joseph Migliorini, there will be some immediate changes per the charter. Jan Tulley, senior Councilor, will assume the Council President position.

Council will hold a special meeting this Thursday at 6:00 pm in the Macedonia Town Hall to address the open Council seat.   Past procedure has Council having 30 days to name a replacement. If the Council can’t come to a majority decision, the Mayor will make the appointment. The public is invited to attend, however, there will be no remonstrances during this special meeting.