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#537  FRIDAY AUGUST 17, 2018




WOW Cable crews are continuing their work in the Rolling Brooke area and once a new bond is posted, they will soon be concentrating their work in the Brandywine Preserve area.  WOW has already requested that inspections begin in Rolling Brooke by our Zoning Inspector and Road Supervisor.  According to WOW, their next construction area will be in Charter Lake.

In the coming weeks, approximately 15 or more homeowners and businesses throughout the Township will see power supply boxes installed in their front yard public utility easements.  These 41-inch metal boxes will sit on concrete pads and have electric meters attached.  They will appear along the following roads:

Brookside Ln & Brookgate Way

Meadow Brooke Way

Deep Creek Cir.

Scupper Ln

W Twinsburg Rd

Oakmont Rd

Lexington Ct.

Kitner Blvd

W Highland Rd

Marwyck Dr

East Aurora Rd

Crestwood Ln

Olde Eight Rd. (3 locations)

Residents with underground utilities (no overhead wires) will know when construction will be coming through WOW notifications or when utility marker flags begin appearing in yards.  It should be well understood that these flags may NOT be removed by residents.  To do so is both illegal and very dangerous for both residents and construction crews.  Furthermore, residents who have ‘invisible’ dog fences, underground sprinkler systems or underground wiring for decorative lighting, etc., should mark the locations, especially if they’re on the public right-of-way.  While this should help the crews in preventing damage, they are not legally responsible for any damage to this equipment within the easements and rights-of-way.  I have however, been informed that the crews have, in the past, kindly repaired some of these when they were damaged.

There have been some legitimate and official complaints involving WOW’s construction in Rolling Brooke, WOW has addressed most, if not all of those that were officially reported.  One of the problems involving complaints is that many of the alleged complaints have been ‘discussed’ by residents on Facebook, local neighborhood blogs and other social media.  Please understand that complaining like this has the potential to promote misinformation, misunderstandings and yes, at times even rumors.  I was forwarded one such complaint that stated there were “MASSIVE complaints” when in fact, we only heard from a dozen or so.  It was also reported that a gas line was cut and then stuffed with a rag and covered over.  This turned out to be false.  If legitimate complaints are to be resolved efficiently and on a timely basis, they have to be reported in a proper and official manner.

Nearly all of the complaints involved either a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) or other private properties.  Hopefully, we’ve straightened out most of the concerns but just like with any construction project, problems do arise.  It is highly suggested that those residing in an HOA neighborhood to contact their respective HOA to report most problems experienced and reported by their members.  Public safety issues and private property trespass and other related complaints should be reported directly to the Sheriff’s Office.

WOW Cable’s work will be an ongoing project throughout our entire Township for quite some time.  I am attempting to be proactive by addressing some of the concerns already raised and anticipated to be experienced in the future.  If you have any current or future questions, please feel free to email them to and copy me ( ) and the Townhall ( ) for any needed followup.  Make sure you include your NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER so that we can help you.


Many of you know from past articles that I am a strong proponent of Dashcams.  They see and record everything that happens while you are driving.  This was the case while I was driving on Route 21 last Friday.  I was a victim in a 50MPH crash with my new truck and it was all caught on video.  You can view the dramatic video and read the story at:


Q >>> – Paul:  what is happening with property where house burned up (Mather family) on Skyhaven?  Several weeks ago someone dumped huge load of gravel on property and part of it in drainage ditch damming up water. Never spread it. Water ponding will breed mosquitoes and disgusting geese.  No big deal if they would spread the gravel.  They all need to clean up high grass in ditch.  I have been cutting what I can since property vacated as no one trims grass adjacent to roadway.

A >>> – The new owners are planning to build a house on the vacant property.  They are currently being advised on the permit process for a new driveway and other requirements.  I spoke with our Road Supervisor this morning and he said that he is sending a worker out to clear the gravel from the ditch.


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In case your readers are unaware, the November school levy will cost the owner of a $200,000 home, $41 PER MONTH.  That’s $492 A YEAR!  That comes from School Board President Chad Lahrmer who posted this information on another website.  There will be at least three additional levies on our November ballot.  Enough is enough.  I can’t see how people in our town can afford over $600 in property tax increases in a year.  I am voting against all of them and I hope that others will do the same.  I’m sorry Paul but that includes the NCT road levy.  You guys should have kept the renewal separate from the increase!!


Nice, informative and straight to the point write up on Wow Cable. Thank you!


Thank you Paul for the updates and the time spent doing it.



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