Paul G. Buescher


#538  MONDAY AUGUST 27, 2018


There have been questions and concerns raised involving the ONGOING Chip and Seal project in the Charter Lake area so instead of answering each one I have decided to collectively address them in this article.  I emphasized the word ONGOING because the status of the project is exactly that – ONGOING.  Within a week or so, a fog seal will be applied to the surface and shortly thereafter, the excess gravel will be removed and the job will be completed.

It is unfortunate that some folks believe that Chip and Seal “is not the answer” when, in fact, it IS the answer.  First and foremost is the cost.  The cost for the entire project for all of Charter Lake is $104,000.  The cost would have skyrocketed to $576,000 if we were to asphalt the streets and that’s money that we DO NOT HAVE!  That’s a savings of $472,000. In addition, Chip and Seal is a much more efficient process since it lasts longer than asphalt because it is self-sealing and rarely requires crack sealing during following years.  This is especially true after harsh winters.

There have been complaints about some folks slipping on the gravel while walking or riding bicycles and getting hurt.  Additional complaints involve gravel in driveways and lawns.  I even received one from a resident who believed that he had a right to “vote” on how Charter Lake roads are maintained!

It is not my intention here to offend anyone or to downplay any injuries.  Instead, I just want to explain the facts.

We’ve been utilizing the Chip and Seal project on our Township roads for decades and each time we begin, the same complaints arise and the same answers are given.  After all is said and done, residents end up being very happy and satisfied.

Everyone needs to realize and understand that our legal responsibility is to keep our roadways sound and safe for VEHICULAR travel.  How we decide to do that is based on professional direction and cost and that’s what we did.  The Charter Lake Chip and Seal process is still an ongoing construction project and as such, there are inherent risks and debris.  These will not diminish until the project is completed!  The bottom line two words here are – Caution and Patience.

And one other area of concern involves Olde Eight.  As to Olde Eight, which is a County road and entirely the responsibility of the County, the road received a Chip & Seal process because the roadway will be fully repaved within a few years.  There’s no sense in repaving a roadway that’s going to be torn up in a few years!


Q >>> – The new Dunkin Donuts on 82 behind the Giant Eagle, do you know if they’ll be installing a new traffic light for this or will all access be through the Giant Eagle?

A >>> – The one thing that I can say for sure is that there will be no traffic light.  Other than that, this is still a fluid situation, meaning that there could be a right in, right out or full access from Rt. 82 and/or access through the rear of Giant Eagle.  There are ongoing talks with ODOT but we do not have any concrete answers at this time.

Q >>> – I believe that we have the right to vote on how our streets are repaved.  Why were we not given this opportunity??

A >>> –  I’m really curious how you came to that unfounded belief?  You were not given the opportunity because you do not have the right to vote on repaving.  All road maintenance is the sole responsibility of the Board of Trustees.

Q >>> – I work in an area body shop and am curious as to the amount of damages in that accident you were in.  In my professional opinion, I would say that the Cruze was totaled and judging by the hard impact and flying glass, you had more than the $7K damage to your truck.  Am I right or wrong?  Just curious and glad that everyone was ok.

A >>> – You obviously are a professional because you are right on all counts.  The Cruze was totaled and I received an updated estimate of $13,000.  The frame was untouched with the bulk of the estimate being in parts and labor.  It is amazing how much damage is done by flying glass, which chipped my windshield and fenders!  The dealer is currently repairing the truck and I should have it back early next month.  The other party’s insurance is paying for everything, including a Ford F150 loaner.  And thank you and everyone else for your concern and kind words.

Q >>> – You mentioned before about putting $40,000 in an account for damage done to yards.  Mine not only had three large holes dug-where now they look like speed bumps in my yard with how they put back the dirt and grass-but one of the holes was nothing but roots from the bush next to the hole.  That will surely die soon.  Is that something considered being replaced?  Or even the process of repairing my grass?  That looks like I need to rent a rototiller to fix that to the way it once was.

A >>> – I passed your email on to both our Service Department and Zoning Department for their follow up when they do their inspection prior to any bond forfeiture.

Q >>> – I live in the Rolling Brooke development, the crews are in the process of finishing up. So far no issues other than my Spectrum service having intermittent issues. They were out recently to inspect and they were quick to blame WOW for “cutting lines” and causing issues…. (which I think is BS since I’ve had issues with them in the past).  Do you have an estimated date when service would become available for our area?

A >>> – WOW Cable answered your question when they sent the following:  “Thanks for reaching out to WOW! The estimated completion in your area is early 2019 if not sooner.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach back out.  Thanks again for reaching out to WOW! Internet-Cable-Phone.”

Q >>> – I have not been receiving your newsletters lately and just wondered if you could restore me back to your list.

A >>> –  I checked my list and you are still on it.  It appears that the problem is probably on your end.  Check your spam folder and also check your email filter settings.  Also, as an FYI, one of the reasons that I remove any email addresses is if a particular address was hacked and was sending at least 3 unsolicited emails to me.  I will also remove any that have been bounced back three times as undeliverable.


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Mr. Buescher,

In your last newsletter, published August 17, you included a comment from a community member regarding the upcoming Nordonia Hills City School District tax levy that will be on the November 6, 2018 ballot.  The writer is correct in that this levy will cost a Nordonia homeowner $41 per month per $200,000 of home value.  I recently posted a detailed explanation of why these funds are needed and what they will be used for on my Chad Lahrmer, Member Nordonia Hills Board of Education Facebook page ( .  I set the post up in a Question and Answer format.  Please take the time to read the information I have posted so an informed decision can be made on November 6.

Additional information can be found on the School District website ( ) and the Friends of Nordonia Schools website ( ).

Chad M. Lahrmer, CPA

School Board member


Paul,  I had a message on my answer machine this evening.  I did not call it back.  Looked up on the internet and is some sort of scam.  I’m concerned about seniors falling for it.

“We are calling you from the investigating team of IRS. We have just received a notification regarding your tax filings from headquarters which will expire in 24 working hours.  You will be taken into custody by local law cops as there are four serious allegations against your name.  We would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you. The number to reach us is 606-230-2136. I repeat 606-230-2136. Thank you.”


I know you could not hear me whooping it up, or see me do the happy dance, but believe me I did today. When coming back from running an errand around 10:45 today I saw the county working on E. Twinsburg Rd [at Walters Rd] with a piece of equipment with a claw on it that was full of vegetation. They were not quite to the actual intersection yet and all I could do was wait. I had to leave out again at 11:45 and they were at the corner finishing up.

I was stunned to say the least since the last email on the matter pretty much indicated to me that the county was done and the consensus of those at the August 6th trustee meeting was that the intersection was safe.

I have no idea as to why the county came back out, but my heart is grateful and I know the many people who have difficulties at that intersection will also appreciate the work that was completed there today when they see what was done too.

I know my thank you may seem inadequate but I thank all of you who worked with me to see this done. You hung the moon for me for sure.


Glad you and the others involved in that accident weren’t badly injured. . After watching that video, I can see how the situation could have turned out much worse. Small wonder.  On a lighter note, the music was priceless…


I am glad that you are ok from your accident.  That was a scary video and I can imagine it was scary when it happened.


Just wanted to give you an update on the ole’ power pole on Beechwood.  Today, all ‘utilities’ were finally transferred from the old pole to the new pole, including switching of guy wires . . . now there is only the ‘bee-infested-pole’ remaining.  (So, let’s see if it takes another 2 yrs before that is taken care of..)


Thank you,

Paul G. Buescher

Northfield Center Twp. – Trustee