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#550  THURSDAY MAY 09, 2019


We’ve all read and heard about the many phone scams that are occurring in our area and throughout the nation.  Most are aware of how local phone numbers are being “spoofed” in the hope that you think you are being contacted by someone local.

Recently, calls have been coming into our area by both male and female voices asking, “Can you hear me okay?”  The call is being recorded and the caller is hoping that you say “Yes”.  If you do, they can use your real voice for whatever illicit intention that they have.  Think about it, if these scammers already have your credit card or bank account numbers, they can prove that you made a purchase that they illegally made with your own real voice saying “Yes”.  During the past few days I personally received 38 calls of this nature!

I have reported on many of these scams during the years that I’ve been publishing this newsletter.  The news media has also reported extensively on this problem, yet many fall for the scams, especially the elderly because there are threats made and fear takes over.

The current advice being given by authorities is to not answer calls received from unfamiliar phone numbers.  Let the call go to voicemail.  If the call is legitimate then the caller will leave a message and then you can call them right back.  You can and you should maintain control over your phone at ALL times.  Never let these lowlifes intimidate or scare you!  You can very easily accomplish this by not answering them in the first place.

Check out another of the latest scams as reported this week in the national news media:

There are some legislative actions being discussed to address these scams and robocalls but in the meantime, we have to take our own actions to fight back against these scammers!


In case you didn’t know, Northfield Center Township now has a vastly improved new website.  It is very user friendly and is being improved and updated nearly daily.  Check it out at:



Speeding is still among the top complaints in our Township.  Our Safety Committee met on May 1st with me and representatives from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, including Sheriff Steve Barry.  Speeding was one of many subjects discussed and as a result, the Sheriff’s Office will be noticeably stepping up enforcement.  Remember, ALL Township roads are 25MPH, not 40 or 50.  And County roads within our Township range from 35Mph to 45Mph.  And don’t forget those 20Mph school zones!


Q >>> – Looks like WOW is planning to run cable on Twinsburg road and parked a huge roll of cable and a trailer at the entrance of Schoepf from Twinsburg road.  It’s already a dangerous intersection I can’t see how this will be safe.  It was always difficult to see cars traveling west on Twinsburg leaving Schoepf now it’s ridiculous.  Can you have someone look into it?

A >>> – I advised the Sheriff’s Office and am assuming that the problem was resolved.

Q >>> – We live on Pleasantview and there is a man going door to door asking for a copy of their gas and electric bill to explain some type of charge.  Just wanted to make you aware if this because I think he is a scam and was wondering if I should call the sheriff regarding this.

A >>> – ABSOLUTELY call the Sheriff.  We’ve had other reports as well!  If it happens again, please try to get the make and license number of any vehicle.

[AN UPDATE]  “We did call the sheriff and he stopped at corner house where this man went next on Pleasantview.   How quickly our sheriff responded and we were impressed.   So the sheriff department knows who he is.  This man was on foot and we did not see a car unless he parked at the cemetery or another street.  Paul, my husband and and I voted for you in all of the elections that we have been a part of and I guess I just wanted you to be aware of the situation because I know that you will take care of our community. Thank you.”

Q >>> – Hey Paul:  The new house on Oviatt, they just poured the foundation and the top of foundation is almost 4 ft, above grade. now the surrounding homes will be flooded. just a thought.

A >>> – Summit County issued the building permit and in doing so, have assured us that all stormwater requirements have been met.

Q >>> – On Monday evening I saw a crowd of kids waving school levy signs from the townhall property and they even had signs staked in the ground.  Wasn’t this illegal? Why were they allowed to do this?

A >>> –  The students were exercising their First Amendment right by holding and waving the signs.  Anyone can do this to protest or whatever.  However, political signs may NOT be posted on Township property.  After their event, they left the signs staked in the ground and two adults who getting ready to leave, were asked to remove them, which they did.

Q >>> – Good evening Mr. Buescher, I am a Northfield Center resident and a company called WOW has torn up our yard 3 times and now again they have torn it up again. My husband put rocks along part of the road to stop them from driving on our grass. Now they have done it in another spot. I believe they should be responsible for the repair. Our Neighbor came over and told me to contact you about this situation. I will attach some photos to this email.  Please let me know if there is anything we can do. Thanks for your time.

A >>> –  I put you on the list for WOW damages.  They are responsible for repairs and will not receive any of their bond money back until ALL of the many complaints are resolved.  Also, I strongly suggest that you remove those rocks because they are on the right of way and if a car hits them or someone gets hurt on a bike or while walking, you could be held responsible.

[AN UPDATE] “Thank you so much. They took care of the lawn.  Also my husband moved the stones. Thanks for the advice.”

Q >>> – I was told that when we send an email to our town government, our email address becomes a public record.  Is this true and can anyone access them?

A >>> –  Yes.  All emails and email addresses sent to our Townhall are public record and available to anyone requesting them for any reason.  This is NOT true for this newsletter because it is private but if there is official township business involved, then by law, I have to forward a copy to the Township.


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 I have not always agreed with your point of view. However I must commend you for your response to the friends of Nordonia  that I recently read. Thank you for staying neutral.


Thank you for checking my property and looking into the damage that the WOW company did to my front yard.  Below you can see my company and my personal email addresses.  Thank you for including me into the list.


Thank you,

Paul G. Buescher
Northfield Center Twp. – Vice Chairman