#533  FRIDAY JUNE 29, 2018


In my last newsletter I posted a dashcam photo of a girl blowing through a stop sign and almost being hit.  And last Tuesday (6/19), another dashcam photo (Attached) of a woman with three (3) young children standing in the middle of Lowell seemingly challenging an oncoming truck!  She never made any attempt to move out of the way!

I was traveling South on Lowell (20 MPH) and had to veer to the left to go around a boy on a bicycle and then veer back to the right and nearly stop to go around this woman and her three young children!

Again, I hear complaints about speeders and have witnessed them for myself but lately, I’ve been seeing more of these kinds of incidents.  I’ve also witnessed and heard complaints from others about very young children driving golf carts and dirt bikes on the streets in this same area!

We can’t legislate common sense but we can surely have the Sheriff’s Department step up their patrols in the area, which I have requested.  Does that make me the bad guy if someone is cited for child endangerment, impeding traffic or failure to follow the traffic laws?  If so, then so be it.  At least I know that I’ve done my job and in doing so, a tragedy might be prevented!


Major encroachments onto JEDD Conservancy park property has been brought to the attention of the JEDD Board.  An investigation is currently underway and those found to be encroaching have been sent cease and desist orders with the possibility of being ordered to restore the property to its original natural condition.  This will be an ongoing investigation and enforcement actions will continue if or when more encroachments are discovered.

The discovered encroachments include structures, debris piles, cut trees, mowed areas, gardens, etc.  One encroachment was measured at 187-feet into the park!

The Conservation District was created after the Crossings shopping center was completed and includes around 170-acres of land that was donated to the JEDD for perpetual protection.  Those protections are overseen by governmental agencies including the US Army Corps of Engineers.  There are sensitive wetlands and other diverse natural areas located within the park property.  It is also the responsibility of the JEDD’s Conservancy District Board to oversee the protection of the property.

People are permitted to visit the area on foot only.  NO vehicles of any kind, including bicycles, are permitted and there is absolutely NO hunting allowed.  The Sheriff’s Office has already arrested those operating ATV’s (all terrain vehicles) in the past and will continue to do so.  Evidence of hunting has been discovered and those caught doing so will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!  Residents in the area are encouraged to report violators to the Sheriff’s Office.

The park property is surrounded by homes on the following streets:

Kitner Ln. (north & east)

Shady Ln. (north)

Laurie Ln. (north)

Olde Eight (eastside, north of Fairhaven)

Pin Oak (east)

Northfield Ave. (east and south)


Q >>> – Is a Point of Sale inspection needed for selling a home in NCT? If so, is it through NCT or Summit County? What is the process?

A >>> – No point of sale inspection is required by NCT.

Q >>> – You don’t have to post this on your newsletter if you don’t want to.  What kind of dashcam do you have?  The resolution looks great on the photo you showed.  What prompted you to buy it?

A >>> – The dashcam is a “Falcon Zero F170+” and I own more than one.  They go for around $90.  Two specific incidents prompted me to purchase these.  One was last year when a very large drug-crazed maniac in an Oakwood parking lot was arguing with several people and then came to my vehicle yelling and putting his hands into my vehicle until he saw the barrel of a large pistol pointed at him.  At that point he backed off and I was able to take off safely with my family.  The other incident was when I was FALSELY accused of cussing at and then chasing an ice cream truck driver.  Remember that one?  The Sheriff’s 911 tape of the incident proved just the opposite but a dashcam would have been much better.  Besides, having a dashcam might someday catch a UFO, a meteorite or Bigfoot himself!  All kidding aside, a dashcam is insurance and makes the perfect witness to any incident involving you and your vehicle and beyond.

Q >>> – I was hoping you might be able to assist with a matter within Brandywine Preserve.  Right now in our development the parking on the streets is getting out of hand.  There are signs posted and there is no overnight parking from 2am to 6am. People have been sent multiple warnings and they seem to thumb their nose.  The summit county deputies can ticket these cars parked on the streets from 2am to 6am. I feel the only way to get the point across to people is hurt them in their wallet.  This has become a major issue for the homeowners here as they have difficulty getting in & out of their own driveways. It really bugs me the people that think they are above the law and that nothing will ever be done.  Can you help?

A >>> –  I sent your detailed complaint to our Summit County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Commander.  He sent an email to the deputies this morning (Wed 6/27) advising them to make extra patrols in the area and to cite the violators as needed.

Q >>> – Hi Paul, just wondering if you’re at liberty to say what’s happening at the old First Merit Bank property across the lake?  There is certainly a lot of activity recently so we’re curious as to the end result?

A >>> –  There are no current plans for the use of the old bank.  Due to flooding in the basement, the new owners are simply waterproofing the building.


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Hi Paul

In response to your “three feet from tragedy” note and as an avid cyclist I completely agree it is only advantagous for both cyclists and vehicles to follow the laws of the road. Including the 3ft passing law. What I have been finding now is drivers are respecting the cyclist but not paying attention to oncoming traffic and exercising patience when passing but that is a bit of a tangent. Anyway I know other communities offer what I think is called the Safe Routes to School program where kids can learn bike with traffic safely. Is there not such a thing in the Nordonia School District? I don’t have children so I admit to being out of the loop a bit. Also throwing out there as an fyi, that Bike Cleveland and other local cycling organizations may also have resources for parents. 


Hi Paul…I am extremely pleased with your reply to the Nordonia Hills Schools Superintendent regarding the speeding school bus issue. It is obvious that His statement is nothing more than damage control in an attempt protect the reputation of the School District in general and to the school bus drivers specifically.

His reply to your comments demonstrates that he is doing exactly what he indirectly accuses you of doing. I cite some examples: “the citizen who may have witnessed”, “you should feel free to contact me at any time to corroborate statements about the schools being presented as fact”, “information necessary to keep your constituents accurately informed”, “I would hate for us to inadvertently mislead the public”.

Regarding “THREE FEET FROM TRAGEDY!”, perhaps it is time for each category of offender, that is, teens, new drivers and any driver every ten years to take a refresher course at “Safety Town” as it appears these people do not adhere to the “rules of the road” as taught to the pre-k children. I would also like to mention the young children playing in the street, being totally oblivious to their surroundings as candidates to “Safety Town”.

Congratulations  on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT”. You came across as a real professional in the interview. I think your alternate title should be “Mr. Emergency Preparedness”!

Thanks for being you, and not a phony politician!

Signed Henry A. Harff


With the purchase of land from Sagamore, I’m sure many suggestions for how to use and what to have built”. will they be open discussions for the residents to take place?  I am one person that does have a suggestion.  I do hope when the discussion take place that Seniors in NCT are considered.

It would be nice if we had a Senior Center similar to the one that closed.  Why should we always have to go to Macedonia? The same meeting room can be used for other groups to meet also. Which could bring in small fees from them. I am sure our elected Trustees would waive the fee for NCT Seniors. My Tops chapter meet at the Town Hall and we appreciated that. But when the elevator started to have problems we had to leave.

Thank you and I am sure the Trustees will make a decision that the residents of NCT will be proud of.


Thank you,

Paul G. Buescher

Northfield Center Twp. – Trustee