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#525  FRIDAY  FEBRUARY 09, 2018



This past Wednesday, at 11PM, Summit County Sheriff deputies responded to an Olde Eight road apartment, for a report of an armed robbery. While deputies went to the residence, other deputies patrolled the area looking for the suspect. At approximately 11:14PM, one of the deputies located a vehicle matching the suspect description pulling out of the Giant Eagle parking lot on Route 82. He notified Summit radio and followed the vehicle to McDonald’s in Macedonia where he stopped them. 

Macedonia police dispatch was monitoring the Sheriff’s radio traffic and immediately sent three units for backup. A felony stop was initiated resulting in five suspects being taken into custody. Sheriff’s detectives responded to the scene at McDonald’s and interviewed the suspects. The vehicle was searched and resulted in the recovery of clothing, masks and two firearms as described by the robbery victim. 

Five black males (4 adults and 1 juvenile) were taken into custody and charged with aggravated Robbery or complicity. The vehicle was towed to South Street for further processing. 

Six deputies, two Sheriff’s detectives and three Macedonia police units worked together to investigate, arrest and put these criminals where they belong.  Thanks to our deputies and Macedonia Police for a job WELL DONE!



Northfield Center Robbery Arrests 

On February 7, 2018, at approximately 11:30 p.m., the Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to Olde Eight Road in Northfield Center Township in regards to reports of a robbery. It was alleged that four men wearing ski masks forced entry into an apartment complex on Olde Eight Road and knocked on the victim’s door. When the victim opened the door, three of the men forced their way inside while the fourth stayed in the hallway. Two of the masked men brandished handguns and demanded property from the victims. The suspects fled a short time later in a vehicle that was parked outside. No injuries were reported by the victims.

The suspect’s vehicle was located a short time later in a nearby grocery store parking lot. The vehicle was stopped and the 5 occupants were subsequently questioned by Sheriff’s Office personnel. The guns and ski masks used in the robbery were located inside the vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle were identified as Antoine Peterson Jr., age 19 of Northfield Center, Derek L. Manley Jr., age 22 of Macedonia, Calin C. Arscott, age 21 of Macedonia, Willie C. Hill, age 19 of Macedonia, and a 17 year old male from Macedonia. 

Derek Manley, Calin Arscott, and Willie Hill were arrested for Aggravated Robbery (F-1) and transported to the Summit County Jail. Antoine Peterson Jr. was arrested for Complicity to Aggravated Robbery (F-1) and was transported to the Summit County Jail. 

The juvenile was arrested for Complicity to Aggravated Robbery (F-1) and was transported to the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center. 

Follow up questions should be directed to Inspector William Holland at 330-643-2114.




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Paul, I have to comment on our road crew! I live on E. Oakmont Way and  our road crew has done an outstanding job on the side roads in Northfield Center! Please convey to them what one resident thinks about the outstanding job they are doing.  Thanks


I have had my share of deer in the past 35 years. I was told that about the best way to handle their presents is to get two different deer sprays, good ones, and alternate the use. That is what I have done for the last three years and I have saved most of my special plants. Yes I say most because the plants I missed got attacked. Right now I do not remember the deer spray names but I bought them at Petitti’s Garden Center. They made the recommendations. I used to use one spray only and, as mentioned by one of your earlier readers, it was deer mouthwash.

The only sad part is that the female deer used to give birth to their little ones in my yard all year long; not any longer. I do miss that.


Regarding the letter about the deer and coyotes, people moving into the area need to understand that deer, geese, coyotes, hawks, snakes, skunks and other wildlife have been here for hundreds of years. They belong here; people are the intruders. This area was and is country. This is not a town where wildlife does not live; these animals add a beautiful dimension to the region for visitors and others. They are a positive attraction! As a sixty-year resident of Northfield who has written several books on the subject, I would hope that people would welcome them with open arms as a natural part of a country environment where we all can live peacefully, in harmony together. 

Concerning cats, dogs and other small animals, they need to be kept inside, period! Wandering around outside in this area is far too dangerous for them, more from reckless drivers than any of the lovely creatures in the region. 

As a tip to stop the deer from eating bushes, give them something else they like to eat. My neighbor gives them apples or bread and they leave her bushes strictly alone!

~Linda Lehmann Masek~


The renewal is fine but I would not put the renewal and a new levy  together as one larger levy. If you need to add put two different levies one. The renewal as one and the new one as one. If together I would guess that it may not pass.


I don’t have a question, just a positive comment!  The town hall looks so nice at Christmas with the lights on all the time, maybe take the red accent ones off and put all white for all year?! It keeps it looking historic.


Thank you,

Paul G. Buescher

Northfield Center Twp. – Trustee



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