Paul G. Buescher


#534  SUNDAY JULY 15, 2018


Since July 3rd I’ve been offline with no means of Internet communications.  The reason was a catastrophic lightning strike that destroyed numerous electrical and electronic devices throughout my house.  The damage was over $4,000.  I just got back online today when I received my new computer.

Shortly after 3PM on that fateful Tuesday, strong thunderstorms were headed our way.  At exactly 3:30PM, while I was turning off an outside water spigot, a huge lightning bolt hit with an immediate deafening thunder crash.  Flying sparks and small flames enveloped my hand and I felt a strong electric shock and heard loud buzzing and popping sounds.  Believe-it-or-not, I was not injured!

The bolt that hit was witnessed from people as close as next door and up to a half-mile away.  Fire Chief Tim Black even told me that he saw it from down my street.  However, as strong and large as it was, nobody can pinpoint exactly where it hit.

Among the items that were ‘fried’ in my home were;  Cable modems, computer, printer, monitor, TV’s, Ham radios, garage door opener, security video system, water garden pumps, LED lighting systems and even several surge protectors!

Lightning is beautiful and mesmerizing but it’s also unpredictable and dangerous.  Surge protectors and lightning arrestors work for surges caused by relatively distant power line strikes but will not offer protection from nearby or direct strikes.  Very few man-made devices can stop the hundreds of millions of volts contained in a lightning bolt that has just traveled one to ten miles through open air!

With that one to ten miles fresh in your mind, I would like to take this opportunity to dispel a rampant rumor concerning lighting and vehicles.  The rumor is that you are safe in a vehicle during lightning because the tires insulate you from ground thus protecting you – WRONG!  You ARE safe in a vehicle but it’s due to the metal shield of the car body.  It’s called a Faraday cage.  The protection has nothing to do with the tires.

This was my 5th close encounter with lightning and I hope it’s the last.  Thankfully, I was “in good hands” with my great insurance company because they covered all my losses.  I did, however, lose track of some emails so if you sent me any messages and you did not receive a response, you now know why so please resend them.


Summit County Sheriff’s Deputy, Wes Dobbins, made a surprise announcement at our July 2nd Monday evening Trustees meeting.  Wes has accepted a position with the US Marshal’s Violent Fugitive Taskforce!   Wes told us that this has been a lifelong dream so he jumped at the chance.

Our Township is a much safer place to live thanks to the numerous crimes that Wes helped solve over the years.  He was also very popular with the residents and made friends with many, including yours truly.  His last day will be this Monday.

Best of luck to you Wes.  Be safe and keep in touch with your many friends! 


Q >>> – A new Stop sign has appeared on my street at Olde Eight.  The old Stop sign also had a Look Both Ways sign underneath. That sign was added many, many years ago because of a safety concern involving our driveway.  Do you know the reason for removal of the Look Both Ways sign?

A >>> – Our Service Department has been replacing MANY signs throughout the Township as a result of a grant that we received.  In your case, I have been assured that the “Look Both Ways” sign will soon be reinstalled.

Q >>> – I have been asking for the date of the next trustee meeting. Is it a secret?

A >>> – A secret?  Our regular Trustees meetings have been held on the first Monday of each month at 7PM for the last 12.5 years.

Q >>> – The road in front of our home is caving in. Could you please pass this e mail to the correct party?

A >>> –  I passed this on to our Service Department.  In the meantime, a couple of us checked the area and found a dip in the road but we do not feel that it is “Caving in.”  The Service Department checked out this spot and suspect that it is the result of a sanitary sewer leak.  They contacted DOSSS for further investigation.


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Your picture of that mother standing in the road with her young ones angers me to no end.  What is wrong with her?  That is child endangerment that you alluded to.  I’ve seen the same thing but couldn’t document it like you did.  Embarrassment is the next thing to legislating common sense.  I hope her friends and neighbors see the picture and give her a good talking to!!  Keep up the good work!


I am again impressed with the content of your latest newsletter.

As to what happened to common sense, it’s called entitlement. Definition: Lack of common sense = Idiot.

The woman with the three children standing in the street must feel she is entitled to block the road as evidenced by the stupid look on her face.
May I suggest you send your article and picture to the Bulletin. I am sure a few people will recognize her and perhaps she will be shamed into making the safety of her family JOB 1!  You addressed the matter and it is now up to the residents to make street safety a priority.

Regarding the person who mentioned the “Safe Routes to School program”,yes the Nordonia Hills area has a program called Safety Town and it is offered during the summer to children entering kindergarten.

To those who think we should build a “Senior Center” on the recently purchased property…we have a hard enough time getting a safety or road levy passed. Perhaps it would be cheaper to fix the elevator, which brings up another question…are the residents utilizing the Town Hall to it’s fullest extent possible?

On a lighter side, I really have to chuckle to myself when I see the names of some of the real estate developments, not necessarily ours. What did they preserve when developed Brandywine Preserve? Or where did the Foxes go when they developed Fox Run? I don’t think anyone has seen a Quail on the property since they developed Quail Hollow Resort! I could go on and on but I think you get the gist.

With many thanks,
Signed: Henry A. Harff


This is regarding your “what happened to common sense” article.  Unfortunately in today’s society, common sense died a long time ago and morphed into stupidity.  Your two photos prove the point.  Thank you for sharing them.


Thank you,

Paul G. Buescher

Northfield Center Twp. – Trustee