Here is a glimpse into what is accomplished provided by Mrs. Coleman.

These are the days used to complete any training required by the state (safety training, data collection, standardized test information, health related training, etc.) and work within their PLC (Professional Learning Community) to analyze assessments and plan instruction.

At the beginning of the year,  Curriculum Director Todd Stuart, provides guidelines for in-service days.  On in-service days, teachers have the opportunity to collaborate with their teams and other PLC groups to discuss lesson plans, identify strengths and weaknesses in students, and to analyze pre and post-testing data.   

“I am extremely grateful to be given this time!! I am glad that you are reporting on these days so that students, parents, and community members understand the great need. If we weren’t given the time to do it on in-service days we would have to fit it in while we were providing instruction. If anyone would like to shadow me for an in-service day, you are welcome!”

Aaron Coleman
Nordonia High School Honors Biology & Forensic Science
National Honor Society Adviser
Interviewed by DJ Resch

DJ is a member of the Digital Journalism and Sports Broadcasting Club at Nordonia High School.