Once upon a time, long long ago, there was no way to shop for the items we so desperately longed for… We all have that one guilty pleasure that we indulge in every once in awhile. For the fashionistas and preppy boys in plaid, that guilty pleasure just might be shopping. There are plenty of ways the society has conformed into creating open access to shopping for various purposes. With every passing day, there is a new holiday or season coming up for which you must prepare. This is convincing enough for us to splurge on those expensive pieces that truly reflect our taste. However, in contemporary society, we have created a more efficient way to tempt the common shopaholic through online shopping. Could it get more convenient for people to shop easily on a computer? Yes, it could through a cellular application called Wanelo! This application has features similar to Pinterest, the most addicting social media application for people of all ages, and Tinder, the common social media application for choosing dates. Similar to Tinder, it easily allows you to swipe left, blowing off an item or two that is truly heinous, or swipe right, agreeing to save a product or two that simply screams you! Who needs a match for a date when you can find a beautiful article of clothing that expresses your sense of style? Clothes over bros! Similar to Pinterest, you can save the item under sub categories. Overall, this cellular application has made it impossible for us shopaholics to refrain and abstain from giving into our guilty pleasure. Wanelo is our new fairy godmother. You have a formal coming up? Search for your beautiful Cinderella Dress on your phone and save all of your options from several sellers and choose which one will make you feel like a princess! Want to make sure it’s a perfect fit? Take a look at the comments and pictures of people who have bought the same item! With a click and a swipe of your finger, you can create your own happily ever after with designer items on the way in the mail. Sounds like a fairy tale right? That’s not the end though, the reforms for Wanelo are already on their way. Wanelo, constantly is trying to improve their services through poles and comments. The magic starts and ends with you.