By Rhonda Solomon

Something that makes me feel like I just hit the jackpot is
parking my car next to a good old-fashioned garage sale.

If your planning a garage sale what often works best, especially when you have a lot of small things to sell, is to organize them by price and size and place in plastic bins (see picture).

Another way to organize your items is to place items in buckets and display on a ladder (see picture). This especially works well when you run out of tables!

Don’t forget to go to the store and get the supplies you need: card board or poster board (for a sign) markers, pens, pins, stencils, price stickers or tags, and a calculator.

While you are at the store, pick up snacks and drinks. The less you have to go back in your house the better! Especially when you are working your garage sale alone.

At the bank, get plenty of change, ones, fives etc. for your customers.

When you pick the date (or multiple dates) you might not want to pick a holiday because people may be out of town.

It might also be better to plan the date when your neighbor is also having a sale. You can split advertising costs.

Make garage sale yard signs if your community allows them. Display them at both ends of your street and around your neighborhood. See if your local store allows signs too.

Don’t’ forget to advertising your sale in the local newspaper, and online. There are often local Facebook groups too that promote local garage sales. When placing an ad, make sure you include a list of items for sale that will entice someone to come!  Dates, hours and address are a MUST!

See Part II What Items You Should Put in Your Garage Sale.

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