By Julie D’Aloiso

Mayor Joseph Migliorini called Bart Wolstein. He said: “Hey Bart I know you can’t get the naming rights for the Cleveland Football stadium, but I am giving you the opportunity to put your name on some ball diamonds here in Macedonia”. Mr. Wolstein said “How much do you need?” Mayor Migliorini said “the next thing I know is he came out give me a check for $100,000 and that’s how we build those ball diamonds and the score tower”.  So how did the lake get built? According to Mayor Migliorini, the city did not have to pay 1 cent for that lake. The three acre lake was built because Bart Wolstein needed dirt for the construction of Macedonia Commons and Longwood Park needed a lake.

By the way, did you know that the Macedonia Family Fishing Day is this Saturday? More info here.

Photos By Julie D’Aloiso