The school year is quickly coming to a close—how are your kids going to entertain themselves? Children spend several hours a day using electronic devices, and it’s no secret that summer break will only give them more time to play on their gadgets. If you’d like to limit screen time and learn more about how to keep your child active during summer break, just keep reading.

Enroll Them in Local Sports Programs

Does your child have a favorite sport to play after school? Encourage them to continue playing during summer break. Many local recreation centers host sports clinics. If sports aren’t for your child, these centers also offer a wide range of activities for children of all ages, such as rock climbing, swimming, and yoga. Plus, these community programs are typically offered at a low cost or no cost at all.

Make Exercise a Family Activity

There’s nothing better than being active together—exercising with your kids will strengthen your relationship with them. You can encourage them to join you on a bike ride or a hike, or you can even ask them to complete tasks around the house with you. Soon enough, exercise won’t feel like a chore to your kids—it’ll simply seem like a part of their daily routines.

Try an Educational Approach

If you want your kids to exercise their bodies and their brains this summer, disguise physical activity as an educational opportunity. For instance, your family can plan to visit a few museums or nature preserves during the break. This way, your kids won’t be tempted to sit for hours on end—and they’ll learn some new things, too.

Get Creative

Sometimes, you may need to get a little creative to motivate your kids to stay active. If you have competitive kids, create fitness circuits or relay races using equipment you already have at home. Taking your kids to a playground is another option. They can get fantastic workouts by swinging on the swings or making their way across the monkey bars. Still at a loss for ideas? Try playing their favorite tunes or some fun workout videos on YouTube.


We hope these tips help you inspire your kids to stay active this summer. Remember, kids should participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day!