It was a perfect night at Blossom Music Center for classic rock and roll where three legendary acts performed on the Juke Box Heroes Tour — Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake and Foreigner. Jason Bonham started off the night with “Immigrant Song”. From there Bonham and company rolled through a 9-song set list of Zeppelin classics. This formation of fine musicians is the closest thing that anyone will experience to Led Zeppelin at this time. The vocals of James Dylan, Bonham on drums, and his band. They warmed the crowd right up, as you could almost visualize Jimmy Page and Robert Plant on stage. Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin experience is a perfect tribute to his father, John and the legendary music of Led Zeppelin. What better a way to spend a warm Northeast Ohio Blossom Music Center evening than jamming to Zeppelin tunes. It really was a “stairway to heaven” for Zeppelin fans!

Bonham’s Zeppelin set list:
Immigrant Song
Good Times Bad Times
The Ocean
Over the Hills and Far Away
What Is and What Should Never Be
Whole Lotta Love
Rock and Roll
Stairway to Heaven

David Coverdale and Whitesnake followed with their usual showmanship and high energy. Coverdale and his collection of precise musicians are possibly one of the best lineups that have come to form Whitesnake. Whitesnake hit the stage with Joel Hoekstra, who would join Reb Beach on strings, complete with dueling guitar solos. Beach and Hoekstra are a great combination of a showmanship and great guitar licks. The band was complete with Bassist Michael Devin, Drummer Tommy Aldridge, and Michele Luppi on keyboards. Rock and Roll icon David Coverdale spearheaded the group with his catalogue of classic hits that kept the crowd roaring for more. The set kicked off with “Bad Boys” which rolled right into “Give Me All Your Love” and “Love Ain’t No Stranger”. Coverdale still sounds amazing showing the voice and energy of rockers half his age. He sounded just as good as he did last year at the Hardrock Northfield, or even twenty years ago belting out lyrics the crowd sings along with. Coverdale dominates the stage with great stage presence and enthusiasm. After the dueling, Beach and Hoekstra guitar solo came “Crying in the Rain”, highlighted with a Tommy Aldridge drum solo. Everything sounded great, even with the lineup in Whitesnake being changed since its formation in 1978. Coverdale’s current version of Whitesnake is a well-oiled machine of great musicians. Whitesnake closed out their set with “Is This Love”, “Slide It In”, “Here I Go Again”, and “Still of the Night.” Whitesnake fans are chomping at the bits for the release of the upcoming “Flesh and Blood” album.

Whitesnake set list:
Bad Boys
Give Me All Your Love
Love Ain’t No Stranger
Slow an’ Easy
Guitar Duel – (Joel Hoekstra and Reb Beach)
Crying in the Rain
Is This Love
Slide It In
Here I Go Again
Still of the Night

The night ended with Foreigner. Chris Frazier on drums, Michael Bluestein on keyboards, Kelly Hansen on vocals, Jeff Pilson on bass, Tom Gimbel on rhythm guitar / sax / flute, Bruce Watson on guitar, and Mick Jones, the one remaining original member of the band, on lead guitar. This group keeps the music of Foreigner’s 41-year history of music alive and well. Kelly Hansen, who has been with the band since 2005, uses his vocals to portray the Foreigner sound as he bantered with the crowd throughout the show. During classic hit “Feels Like the First Time”, the crowd was louder than the band singing the chorus. Mick Jones performed lead vocals on “Starrider” which led into a drum/keyboard solo. “Juke Box Hero” was next as Hansen sang the song from atop a small platform riser. The show concluded as Hansen performed “I Want to Know What Love Is”.

Foreigner set list:
Long, Long Way from Home
Double Vision
Head Games
Cold as Ice
Waiting for a Girl Like You
Dirty White Boy
Feels Like the First Time
Juke Box Hero

I Want to Know What Love Is
Play Video
Hot Blooded

It was a night filled with legendary classic rockers and their respective songs, all performed in one Blossom Music Center evening. It still rocks your soul to hear iconic artists that have been making music for the past 4+ decades. Rock is still alive and will never die, due in part to these three JUKE BOX HEROES!