By Phil Chalmers

School is back in session. And that means school shootings are a possibility. We hope that there will be NO school shootings this year, but that is wishful thinking. I will continue to tour and educate anyone who will listen, to do my part to prevent school shootings and the murder of innocent children.

Last year we had 10 school shootings. Not bad considering how many schools there are in America. In those shootings, we had 34 killed and 79 injured. The deadliest school attack was in Parkland, Florida.

The biggest myths of school shootings:

We never had school shootings when I was growing up. Yes you did, the difference is they were not glamorized by the media, and there weren’t more than 1 or 2 killed.

You can’t prevent mass murder. Yes you can, by educating and being proactive. Most school shootings could have been prevented.

If we can tighten up gun laws, ban the AR-15 and make 30 round magazines illegal, we can stop school shootings. Really? Gun laws don’t stop school shooters. Most get their guns from home, steal them, or buy stolen guns. Very few killers have used the AR, only 1%. And if you ban that weapon, they will use another. Same goes for 30 round magazines. How about this? Stop glamorizing guns in video games and movies, and stop making killers famous on CNN and Fox News, for starters.

Why isn’t President Trump doing anything about school shootings? I will ask the question Why didn’t Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama do anything? They all did nothing. Why? What do you want them to do? Murder is illegal. Schools are fun free zones. Felons can’t buy guns. Their only option is to spend trillions to make our schools as safe as the Whitehouse. See my post on school safety tomorrow.

It’s the NRA’s fault! What? The NRA has never killed anyone. And most mass shooters are not NRA members. Hollywood and the mainstream media are more responsible for the deaths of these children then the NRA

Why do you blame video games? I don’t blame video games, but they for sure play a part. With the advent and popularity of violent mass murder video games, in the early 1990’s, we saw a different type of school shooting emerge. Mass murder of innocent targets. Something we have never seen before. Just an interesting trend for sure

Are all school shooters white? No, but most of them are white males. The school shooting demographic mirrors the race of the US.

Facts about school shooters:

They are mostly white males, have been bullied, are suicidal, and play violent video games. They are usually obsessed with deadly weapons, and they have been planning their massacre for 6-12 months. They usually tell at least one person about their plans. They pose with guns on social media, worship other killers like Klebold and Harris, and love violence. They may harm animals, dabble in fire and explosives, and commit petty crimes. They usually have recently been dumped by a girlfriend or suspended/expelled from school.