By Kim Griner

After reading on NordoniaHills.News the Dave Yost “Notice of Finding – Update”, it should be labeled  “UN-Report”.  See report here. You can’t help but wonder why anyone would go to so much trouble to try to mislead the public!!  You can clearly see that the UN-Report is false, as the numbers do not even add up!! Nice try Trustees -no matter how you try to rewrite history, the ending is the same – YOU DID NOT DO YOUR JOB!  No Fiscal Controls OR CHECKS AND BALANCES! It doesn’t matter how the bills (electronically, paper, wire etc.) were paid, someone approved of the payment!

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The constant PERSONAL AND LIBELOUS attacks by the Trustees on both sides against me personally is A VIOLATION OF MY RIGHTS! -I am protected by the Whistle Blower Law. Someone tell me what part of my story is not true! Rosemary Barrett stole from the Fire District 27 Fire Dept., as well as the taxpayers for 4 Years and nobody caught her illegal activity but me! My claims for the beginning of wrongdoing on Ms. Barrett’s part was told to the Trustees, Attorneys, Fiscal Officers, Police Chief, and Prosecutors. My claims were brought to light in early 2017 after Sagamore Fiscal Officer Scott Gale said in a public meeting that there was evidence of unauthorized use of the Fire District 27 credit cards!   I asked to see the detail for over 8 months through numerous public records requests. So what part of my story is false??!! Who did not reconcile the bank accounts and question all the Electronic Payments??!! Who is going to point the finger today?! Whose job was it?!! The Trustees of both Townships – that’s Who! Nice Job – !! So let’s be clear, YOU should all be embarrassed that this situation has gone this far!   She was able to steal from all of us for over 4 years!!!! You should be thanking me for protecting and fighting to get our tax dollars back – that was your job not mine! Seems funny that you would rather take all this time to attack me instead of making the convicted felon accountable! Shameful!

Here is the truth about the Future – “Notice of Finding  Report” from Yost – stay tuned!!

I am advised by Mark Altier that the information will be presented at the next Special Audit Task Force meeting.  The Task Force is a committee of AOS employees who are engaged in the investigation of potential theft and fraud involving public money. It makes determinations as to the initiation of special audits to investigate such situations.  The Task Force meets monthly and that the next meeting of that body will be conducted in mid-November. The Ohio Attorney General may become involved if additional criminal activity is present. Try as the Trustees may, this isn’t over yet. More restless nights are in their future. Four YEARS OF DERELICTION OF DUTIES and bogus accounting procedures, don’t go away overnight! Try as they may discredit me and my findings, I too WILL NOT GO AWAY!