I read the news that IHOP is no longer coming to Macedonia because they will not agree to the building regulations of the area. They were not willing to build in the Western Reserve Style and change their roof color from blue. My question is, why is it more important that they have to build in a certain style and have a non blue roof than to actually exist at all in Macedonia? Why is it more important that the city stick to architectural codes than bring a new business and new jobs to the city?
I think the community has been done a disservice by the city not being more flexible with IHOP. It could have brought in more jobs especially to high schoolers in the area. It also could have brought in tax revenue. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that architectural styles and roof colors were more important than bringing jobs and revenue to the city.
Is there any way that the city can talk to IHOP and be more flexible? I think that would be the best for all of us.
Erik Kasminsky
Northfield, OH
Editor’s note: The city is still negotiating with IHOP. So there is still a chance.