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I, Heather Bradley am making a statement in regard to this unfortunate situation. This is very embarrassing and humiliating for everyone; for the citizens of Macedonia, for the entire Migliorini family, and especially for Joseph Migliorini, myself; Heather Bradley and my family. I would like to apologize to everyone for this unfortunate wrongful event that occurred. I am very upset and saddened by this incident.

This was very shocking and is not of Joseph Migliorini’s character. 

I must state that there are many of you out there slandering myself and Joseph that should be ashamed of these degrading remarks. Comments that are being made about me, degrading comments, such as “whore” that allegedly were stated to me by Mr. Migliorini on that unfortunate day. I have no recollection of Mr. Migliorini calling me degrading, demeaning names on the day of this incident.

Have some self dignity and self respect; none of you have the right to verbally slander me on social media or via news. For people to verbally attack and degrade an alleged victim makes you no different or better, in fact worse… you weren’t there at the time this occurred and you don’t know me as a loving mother, a self made career women, let alone as a person. What has our society come to? Is there no humanity among our fellow people?  All the Gossip, accusations, jealousy, immaturity that destroys lives! Lives that we have worked hard to build and people that are so quick to condemn and judge, Shame on all of you!

Like none of you that are judging and condemning myself, my family, Joseph and his family have not made mistakes at some point in your life? 

What happened that day is wrong and inexcusable but it should not ruin careers, families, and children’s lives. There are families and children that are being effected greatly by all this public slander; the children that are innocently being affected by all the public slander. People make mistakes and have to be held accountable and there is NO ONE that has not made a mistake, done wrong at some point in your life and had to deal with the consequences but most don’t have their reputation being tarnished over a mistake and also further demeaning the alleged victim, Heather Bradley, my family, my career and life, by publicly humiliating and slandering me and family, my children! 

Joseph has Extreme remorse for his actions and is addressing this situation as needed and required! All Charges are to be dropped and this incident is to be removed from the record due to the facts this is an isolated incident and not of his character. It’s a very unfortunate mistake that has been very upsetting for myself and Joseph Migliorini;  Joseph is receiving counseling to address the issues that triggered this incident. 

We have resolved this issue and moved forward. I kindly ask you all to do the same and think of the innocent children and families being hurt by this very unfortunate mistake! 

Respectfully Yours

Heather Leigh Bradley

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