I would like to thank Northfield Center Township Trustees Paul Buescher and John Romanik for taking an active interest in a situation that has plagued two condominium associations for years. Our developments, Northfield Woods and The Courtyards of Woodbury, were built in the 1980’s, near Rt 271. Over the past 30+ years, this stretch of 271 has transformed from a rural highway to a primary feeder line for the exponential growth on the east side of Cleveland. The greatly increased dirt and noise from the highway is degrading our quality of life, and decimating property values.

We have approached ODOT directly about a sound barrier wall, to no avail. ODOT claims that traffic next to us is only up “2-3%.” Statistics taken from their own website show 271 traffic more than doubled between 1988 and 2013. Communities all around us already have noise barrier walls by highways, yet we are told that we do not “meet the criteria.” It is very frustrating to watch our state and federal tax dollars go towards helping all of the surrounding communities with this issue, while we are continually turned down flat.

If one looks at a satellite view of our area (see Google Earth), it is easy to see our dilemma. And we are dreading completion of 271 construction to the north three years from now, as the extra drivers currently avoiding 271 will be back online. Trustees Buescher and Romanik took the time to: look into the issue, meet with our residents, and escalate this to Representative David Joyce for further investigation. We greatly appreciate the Trustee’s help! It is nice to know that the they “have our backs,” as this problem worsens with each passing year.

Kelli Swan

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