I am just a private citizen of Sagamore Hills who DARED speak out against a fire levy that I couldn’t in good conscience, support. I supported my anti levy narrative with fiscal numbers that I acquired through Sagamore Hills Trustee meetings, and other documents from the Sagamore Hills website. When I published those numbers ($500,000 to operate District 27 before, $750,000 plus with Macedonia now), I was accused of being a liar and supplying false numbers. That was just the beginning. In thinly veiled means of intimidation, I have had Sagamore Hills Police cars parked outside my home (photo documented) at various times of the day. I’ve had the Sagamore Hills Police on a Sunday evening cookout, come to my front door (documented with a police incident report) and question a guest if he had been speeding throughout the neighborhood during the day. The guest, a prominent member of the community was shocked. My husband  took the officer to the car in question, feeling the hood of his car, which was stone cold. The car had been their all day and had not moved in over six hours! The final straw was when Sagamore Hills Township Attorney Jeff Snell sent a legal (threatening) document to my place of employment. Mr. Snell has my home address, but chose to embarrass me at a job I’ve held for thirty years. My employer has since given me two weeks off without pay. I will survive the loss of income, but my work record has now been tarnished. All of these intimidation measures against me because I dare speak my mind on why this fire levy #23 is not needed. I have been emotionally, physically and now professionally devastated by these bullying/intimidation tactics.

Sagamore Hills Trustees have egg on their face for the debacle of District 27 Treasurer Rosemary Barrett embezzling funds right under their collective noses. Someone had to sign off on these false purchases! The Summit County Sheriff has allegedly told them to keep out of any further investigations in this matter.

The Trustees jammed the  merger with Macedonia (Radio dispatching and Fire) down the residents throats with very little notice.  They must feel that since they run without opposition, they can do what appeases them, and not the residents

Sagamore Hills residents (the silent majority) on Tuesday MUST  VOTE NO ON ISSUE #23. With nearly a $5 MILLION DOLLAR general fund, why must we further increase our tax burden? Send a message to the Trustees to live within their fiscal means, as we do. Let’s try and close the carte-blanche checkbook. THEY TRIED (UNSUCCESSFULLY) TO SILENCE ME, LET YOUR NO VOTE NO ISSUE #23 DO YOUR TALKING!!

Kim Griner

Sagamore Hills Resident