Sylvia Hanneken sent a slanderous email, through a City of Macedonia server. The following comments were made by Hanneken in the email, dated March 15,2017.

“Corruptdonia is an understatement actually. Northfield Center trustees aren’t much better except they don’t have the” mafia” and Jimmy Dimora as their godfathers like we do. As far as Macedonia administering the tax rebate , it  is largely incoherent and ripe for  incompetent and corrupt administration.”

One can assume that the reference to the mafia, Dimora, and godfathers were aimed at Migliorini, who is of Italian descent. I am also of Italian heritage and am very upset with these insensitive comments!

This is  not the first time Councilor Hanneken has had issues controlling her mouth, having been censured by Council twice. Ms. Hanneken has also lashed out at the audience at a Macedonia Council meetings, telling them to shut up, you are a bunch of minions. During a work session. she questioned the capabilities of Macedonia service dept candidate for employment, who was in a terrible accident, but has been a valuable member of the Macedonia Service Department. When I was under consideration for employment in Macedonia, she ran an extensive background check on me, trying to find dirt. There are several photos and videos of Sylvia asleep, or dozing off during Council meetings. During a public question and answer session at the Library, she refused to allow resident Melissa Gee, of asking her any questions, fearing she didn’t have the answers.

Hanneken couldn’t work with Mayor Kuchta, and now Mayor Migliorini. Her agenda has been since she took a council seat is to become the Mayor, something she failed to do two years ago. She doesn’t have what is in the best interest of Macedonia in mind. It’s all about her agenda, and heaven help anyone that stands in her way. She must be replaced. I will cast my ballot for Tulley, Ventura and Brandt for Council. Macedonia needs to take the garbage out!!

Macedonia Residents

Mike and Michelle DeBrouse

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