A common concern voiced whenever a school asks for operating money originates from those in our community that live on fixed incomes. While I feel this may be a legitimate concern, I wanted to point out a few facts that are commonly taken for granted.

A home valued at $200,000 will pay $41 per month when this levy passes. The median Nordonia home value is $177,533. This means the average Nordonia resident will pay $36.14 per month.

Almost every fixed income resident was educated under the same/similarly funded education system when they were a child. While one might argue that education costs have risen, I also point out that so too has the cost of everything. Incomes and social assistance sources like Social Security have increased.

Many of our fixed income residents rely heavily on their social security income. I have paid into the social security system since I was 16 and likely will until I am 60 years old. It is a fact that I will only receive back to me, in the form of retirement income, about one-third of the money I placed into the system. This also means that I am likely funding a portion of each fixed income resident in our community. I don’t mind supporting our retired residents. It is the responsibility we bear in a civilized America. I only ask that you remember this and return the favor to my children. Give them the chance that others before us gave you when you were a child.

For a small minority of you, this $36.14 may legitimately cause you to seek residence elsewhere. I am sorry if this happens. Having strong, well-maintained school assets will help your house sell fast and at a fair price. Thank you for giving back to those that have supported you, and still are supporting you, today.

Jason Roberts
Nordonia Graduate & Parent
Macedonia, Ohio