My name is Vince Vigluicci.  I am a proud Macedonia resident and an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney with the Medina County Prosecutor’s Office.  I was a candidate for the vacant Macedonia City Council position earlier this year and was recently appointed to serve on the city’s Board of Zoning and Building Code Appeals.  As I have become more involved in our city government, it has become increasingly clear to me how important Issue 20 is for the future of our city.

For this .25% income tax increase (just $125 more per year for every $50,000 of taxable income), Macedonia residents will be getting a lot of bang for their buck.  At the same time, the expiration of the old fire levy will decrease property taxes. Issue 20 will raise a much-needed $1.2 million per year for our city’s police, fire, and service departments.  For years these departments have had to do more with less as Macedonia’s population has grown and state funding has significantly decreased. I don’t enjoy paying taxes any more than the next guy, but this is one tax that I don’t mind paying because I know there will be a tangible return on my investment.  Unlike property taxes, income taxes go straight to our city and allow for immediate improvements that we can all see and enjoy every day. Look no further than the dozens of road projects that have recently been completed or are currently being completed, with more to come. Those have all been made possible by just a quarter-percent income tax increase.  

As a prosecutor I have worked with law enforcement for years.  When I was a juvenile prosecutor I quickly discovered the importance of school resource officers in keeping our schools safe.  Without Issue 20, our police department will likely be forced to remove the school resource officer from our school system. Our police department’s outdated equipment and lack of body cameras is also problematic.  When available, body camera footage is very often the most important evidence prosecutors have in a case. Body cameras help police officers write better and more accurate reports, help police and prosecutors make better charging decisions, and generally lead to more effective prosecutions.

Our police and firefighters fight every day to keep us safe.  It’s time for us to fight for them. In doing so, we’ll make our city safer and stronger.  

For more information, including detailed answers to frequently asked questions about Issue 20, I highly recommend checking out    

Vince Vigluicci