By Dr. Krystosik

Probiotics, the new buzzword in health circles are the healthy bacteria that reside inside our intestines. Interestingly, I’ve been prescribing probiotics to my patients with acute and chronic disease for the past 30 years. In addition, for more than two decades I’ve been prescribing treatments to eliminate harmful bacteria, with herbs, diet and lifestyle modifications. 

Just recently, conventional medicine has started to prescribe probiotics and treatment plans to eliminate harmful bacteria living in the gut of sick people. However, their taking a much different and risky approach to this serious-problem. Believe it or not, conventional doctors are prescribing fecal (poop) transplants for chronic diseases. This procedure is becoming increasingly popular in the conventional medical community. Hospitals are now prescribing fecal transplants for conditions like C. Difficile, ulcerative colitis, autism, Parkinson’s and several other chronic diseases. Patients desperate for a cure, are turning to fecal implants as the last straw. However, health authorities admit they know little to nothing about the side effects/risks and long-term safety of this new procedure.

Let me explain. Besides the “Yuk Factor” when the thought of a fecal implant is mentioned, there are lot more serious considerations to ponder. Scientists admit that transplanting the bacteria from one person to another may alter the recipient’s personality and/or physical characteristics. Hospitals are already reporting harmful side effects from fecal implants. Depression, anxiety, fatigue and obesity are some of the symptoms transmitted from the donor to the recipient. God only knows about the long-term consequences of this controversial procedure. Scientist believe it is possible that Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer and other chronic diseases could possibly be transmitted from the donor to the recipient.

Once again God only knows about the potential dire consequences. My conservative approach has proven only positive results. I test my patient’s stool sample to identify the good, bad and ugly bacteria residing inside their intestinal tract. When the results are in, I prescribe specific probiotics, diet and lifestyle modifications to restore the integrity of the gut.

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