Article By Felicia Naoum – Video by Gary Miller

IMG_1705Sagamore Hills, Ohio
Hard work and dedication are characteristics that Steve Gfell, manager of the new Domino’s in Sagamore Hills on 419 W Aurora Road knows all too well. January 16, 2016 marks a day of celebration with the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony of this new Domino’s as it embarks on its entrance to Sagamore Hills. The proud manager of this lavishing new location –  that is filled with bright red chairs, tables and wifi to make the Domino’s experience more than a quick carryout  – has been with Domino’s for 30 years. Talk about commitment. When asking Mr. Gfell what it took to get here he shared that he started as a delivery driver. Gfell shared an interesting fact, he said, “90% of staff started as delivery drivers.” This proves that anyone looking to grow with this company can start small and move up the ladder in time. As this sounds promising for those looking for a steady career path with grow, it is also reassuring to know that Domino’s is scheduled to build three new locations this year. When I asked  Gfell what sets Domino’s apart from other pizza establishments, his answer surprised me – in a good way, of course – Gfell didn’t bring up ingredients, or prices, instead he brought up community. He wasn’t trying to sell me on how great the food is or how affordable it is – his focus was deeper than that, it was on you and me. Gfell shared that Domino’s goal is to partner with and give back to the community.

Don’t think I didn’t ask about the food though! Gfell shared with me that their newest item – the Marbled Cookie Brownie – is a big hit. And yes, I tried it for myself. Think warm, rich, gooey and a true combination of a cookie and brownie. The actual pizza goes without saying. Domino’s has a unique crust flavor and fresh toppings that are generously provided on top and most importantly, no greasy fingers! An overall satisfying experience, indeed.

Whether you are looking for delicious food, a great deal – Domino’s is currently offering 2 or more of select menu items for $5.99 each, or to simply spend your dollars on a company that thrives on community more than anything – then this is your place. `