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By Chris Ramos

There’s plenty of qualities to like about Zack Holt, a Kent State graduate with a major in Business, and a Nordonia alumni who played football and basketball, he’s the kind of guy who relishes the fact that he is in full control of his fate. Aside from a big smile and friendly demeanor, his constant pursuit for the next step is what stands out the most. 

Zack is currently involved with the Cleveland Browns, working with their inside sales team. He is enlisted in a nine month program which serves as an entry level position for people coming out of college. His current work can be traced back to his college internship in which he worked for the Browns as a fan experience/event coordinator. 

“It was a great experience. I was able to make plenty of connections.” said Zack

During his years at Kent State, Zack worked as a recruiter for his fraternity, he served as a recruiting intern for Kent State’s football team last season, and also worked with Kent State’s TV2 during his sophomore year, as he originally intended to delve into broadcasting. These early exposures solidified his communication skills immensely. 

The inside sales team strives to fill seats within the stadium, as they intend to drive up revenue. On a typical day, Zack makes about one hundred phone calls to bring in that desired revenue. A game of chance, only so many calls actually get anywhere. When Zack comes into contact with a customer, he engages with them extensively, fishing for personal details, as well as asking whether they have had any previous experience with Browns games. The latter is crucial, as it tends to dictate the success rate. He pushes for group ticket sales and season ticket sales, and may even schedule a face to face appointment. Zack works diligently throughout the week. 

“There’s about eleven of us who work within inside sales, and there’s always a high, positive energy surrounding us. It’s competitive.” explained Zack. 

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“You see a couple guys make a good sale, and you think to yourself, man, I have to get one more.” 

When asked about the schools in which his college contemporaries are arriving from, Zack stated that there is a heavy MAC school influx, as students from Toledo, Ohio University, Kent State & Central Michigan make up the sales body. 

Despite the competitive nature of his job, Zack has stated that he’s good friends with his team and that he sees all of them going far in the future. On top of that, what’s not to like about working for an NFL organization and being around football? From utilizing the workout facility to free meals, Zack is granted access to admirable perks. 

The Browns’ preseason game against the New Orleans Saints on August 10th propelled Zack into the game day limelight (more like a glimpse, as the regular season is obviously intensified) which gave rise to satisfactory feelings as he was glad to see the people whom he sold seats to. With the Browns winning and fans in good spirits, you can’t ask for much more. (Although a playoff berth would be nice) Zack believes that the Browns organization is on the come up, as the whole organization is deeply invested within their potential. 

For the young minds who plan to get into sales, business, marketing, or any career in general, Zack advises that you are in full supply of enthusiasm. Network as much as you can, and take advantage of an internship as it can prove to serve you quite graciously down the line. Many times, young people will talk about their careers with such ambition but their actions say otherwise. When it comes to making an impact, you can’t worry about saving face. 

Zack, along with his contemporaries, are excited to capitalize on all of the opportunities in which the program will offer, as well as stimulating excitement for this year’s football season. When it’s all said and done, these young men will take off at the sound of the starting gun, in aspirations for a successful career. 

For a young man who has found a sense of direction and purpose early on, he’ll have no problem reaching the finish line. 


Zack is assisting us with this fundraiser for the Emergency Assistance Center: Buy your tickets here for the Oct. 1 game vs the Cincinnati Bengals.