The FDA has called vaping among teens an ‘epidemic’ and earlier this week, the Ohio Department of Health released the latest numbers, which show an increase in cases related to e-cigarettes and lung disease.

E-Cigarette use, or vaping, was originally marketed as a way for adults to stop smoking.  However, the lure of fruity flavors and the guise that this was a healthy alternative to smoking, quickly drew teenagers to the product.  As one anti-vape website puts it, “the flavors make it easy to hit, the devices make it easy to hide, and the nicotine makes it hard to quit” (Flavors Hook Kids, 2019), which is why, despite recent research exposing the dangerous long-term effects of vaping, teens are still doing it.

Nordonia High School is encouraging students to ‘Escape the Vape’ with a school-wide campaign to educate and support parents and students. “This is an issue that impacts the overall health and safety of our kids.  We want to do everything we can to help them overcome nicotine addiction, not just for their overall well-being, but so that they can come to school ready to learn,” says Principal Casey Wright.

Nordonia’s approach is multi-faceted and includes providing resources to parents, students, teachers, and the community through social media, which kicks off with a week-long ‘Escape the Vape’ campaign Oct. 14 – 19.  This week follows Safe Decisions Week – a week including a school-wide assembly, simulators, community fair, and other student education on making good choices regarding substance use, including vaping.

Escape the Vape Campaign

  • “The Dangers of Vaping” by Dr. Benjamin Boswell from University Hospitals Parent Night on Oct. 7, 2019. Podcast of this presentation available under ‘The Nordonia Project’ on Podbean Podcast. Vape Education for Parent PDF Presentation emailed October 14th

  • Ways to Escape the Vape Lunch Activity October 15th

  • Vape Education Lesson  October 16th

  •  ‘I Promise’ Table at lunch October 17th

  • Amnesty Day October 18th – vape turn in and how to quit resources.

  • Social Media posts (Facebook and Twitter)

  • ‘Escape the Vape’ Media Print Campaign

  • October 28 Dr. Joe Clark will be doing a Facebook live event with the Summit County Health Department and the DEA in conjunction with Aurora, Twinsburg and Community Focus