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Dear Township Update Member:

The Service Department is picking up branches, limbs and logs to help with the storm cleanup, as long as you can get them to the edge of the roadway.

Place the limbs with the thicker end pointing towards the street and do not place them into one pile. It becomes a tangled mess and difficult to take apart and chip. There will be multiple rounds on each road as needed.

This project might impact the leaf pick up for a few weeks but we will continue to keep you updated via the Town Square digital sign, Facebook, the NCT web site, Cable 1023 (formerly Cable 16), and the Town Hall voicemail greeting.

Do not cut the limbs into shorter sections – this causes extra work for our crews.

PLEASE BE EXTRA CAREFUL WHEN DRIVING PAST OUR WORKERS. They will be wearing noise cancelling headsets because of the chipper.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the Town Hall either at (330) 467.7646 ext. 5, email:, or fax (330) 650.0815.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation


Samuel J. Ciocco

(330) 730.8260