Sagamore HIlls

Highlights from the Northfield Center Township work session for the Safety Services Committee to present its research regarding policing services contract opportunities.

  • Discussion centered around the current contract with the Summit County Sheriff for services in NCT.
    • The cost for those services creates a deficit in the NCT budget
    • The Sherriff has stated that his department is not able to lower the costs
    • If the intent is to sever the contract at the end of 2019, notice must be given be given by Sept. 30, 2019, 90 days before the end of the contract. If notice is not given, the contract will automatically renew.
    • The NCT budget of $850,000 incudes jail and dispatch
    • If NCT continues the contract with the Sheriff, a levy will be needed to cover the cost. A special levy costs under $10,000.
  • Conclusion – a public meeting with the Sheriff will be requested to enable him to present a new proposal, keeping within the $850,000 budget.

The committee consists of Joe Grzelak,Kevin Jacobs, Alonzo Cady, William Riedthaler, and Gene Lim.

See the agenda with the related information.