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-10:40 AM Post Chaplain Tom O’Brien leads off with a prayer. Past Commander John Sullivan gives a brief talk.

-10:57 AM American Legion Post Commander Dave Pristash gives the command “Present Arms”, all Veterans come to Present Arms as flags are lowered and Bugler plays taps. Salute is held until flags are raised back to the top.

-11:00 AM A moment of silence (2 min.).  

-11:02 AM Flags are raised back to the top, as they reach the top Dave Pristash gives the command    “Order Arms” and Veterans drop the salute.

-11:03 AM VFW Rifle Squad perform a 21 gun salute.  When the firing ends the WWI monument is unveiled.

-11:05 AM Post 801 Commander Dave Pristash reads General John J. Pershing’s talk to the troops.

-11:15 AM The Memorial Service ends.