By Dr. Krystosik

What should I eat, what shouldn’t I eat?

Don’t worry you’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer with anxiety about which foods are right to eat? That’s because the experts on diet and nutrition don’t agree with each other. One nutrition expert says carbohydrates are bad, another says they are good. Another says eat plenty of protein, the next says too much protein is bad for you. It’s no wonder the average person is confused?  Instead of focusing on the controversy of what to eat with the “experts, wouldn’t it make good sense to focus on a diet that is personalized for you. The most logical approach to nutrition isn’t a fad diet or newly discovered supplement; it’s determining which foods are right for you through a simple blood test. Over the past 30 years I have used this blood test to identify the foods that tack on pounds and the foods that shed pounds. The foods that heal your body and the foods that are making you sick and tired.

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Dr. Krystosik is a board certified chiropractic physician, northeast Ohio’s leading expert in functional medicine, the author of 5 books on nutrition and natural medicine, a nationally known speaker and the founder of forLIFE Vitamins a nutrition company that donates 10% of profits to the prolife cause. Dr. Krystosik can be reached at his Northfield, Ohio office at 330.908.0094.