By Phil Chalmers

I don’t know if you have been following my pages lately but to say that there has been some controversy is an understatement. Those asking for stricter gun control, and others saying we already have tough gun laws and stating more gun laws won’t stop mass killers. I find it interesting that many people debating have no knowledge on this issue, and are just angry and emotional. And I understand the anger and emotion. As an expert, author and longtime researcher of these issues, I hope I can shed some light on the issue. And also share some facts. I have also interviewed more teen killers and school shooters then anyone in the world. This research gives me an insight that most don’t have. Check out the post below from [NordoniaHills.News Facebook Page]. This is typically how these debates go. And let me drop a few facts on you. From the CDC and reliable sources.

  1. Of the 38,000 gun deaths in the US in 2016, 26,000 were suicides by legal gun owners. Of the 12,000 homicides, many are justified killings, and many are gang killings with gang members using illegal weapons.
  2. An American is five times more likely to be killed by a knife than a rifle
  3. The US had the highest gun ownership rate in the world but ranks 28 in gun murders
  4. Handguns are responsible for 80% of mass shootings, rifles less than 5%.
  5. Almost ALL mass shootings take place in gun free zones

Be safe everyone,