Saint Barnabas School is excited to announce the opening of their new playground. Last year, after Saint Barnabas School’s campus security assessment was completed, they knew they needed some upgrades. Moving the playground to a more secure area was a priority to ensure their students safety. Last year at their Annual Gala Event the 2018 IGNITE committee decided that it would be the “raise the paddle” cause, they raised $25,000 specifically for the playground. Thanks also to a substantial grant award of $15,000 from Pasco Company, of Hudson, they we able to fund the new playground project to include fencing, a gate along Brandywine Road, basketball hoops and a Gaga Pit. “The long wait is finally over…the dream that began as IGNITE 2018 with a yes, from Fr. Ralph, a “yes” from Finance Council, a “yes” from Parish Council along with the unwavering commitment from a mighty few: Mike and Rebecca Fleming, Jess Endress, Tony Post, Mary Ellen Skelin, Debbie Majoros and Kathleen Hamm came full circle yesterday when the new playground was blessed and open for play!” said Mrs. Erin Faetanini, Principal of St. Barnabas School

The school joined forces with Meyer Design of Akron, Ohio. Once the play structure was determined, Mrs. Faetanini worked with the playground designers and determined three pieces of equipment that students could vote on for example: they could choose between the “Finder Maze” and the “Bumble Bee Maze”; the “Stationary Monkey Bars” or the “Moving Rings”, a “Rock Wall Ladder or “Chain Ladder”. The photos of the different choices were displayed on SBTV (there in-house television station) last spring.  All St. Barnabas students voted using Google classroom. In addition to the playground structure itself, basketball hoops and a Gaga Pit were installed. The Gaga Pit was a donation to the school at the end of the 2018-2019 school year from their Student Council in memory of a beloved St. Barnabas teacher who had passed away – Carol Dean that same spring.  Mr. Dean gave a contribution to the school and that money along with the student council gift was presented to Mr. Dean at a special mass is Carol’s memory. The Gaga Pit was chosen because it is an easy to game to play that includes many students at one time and of many different ages. The Gaga Pit was built and installed by Michael Skelin St. Barnabas ‘2016 and his dad Nick Skelin.

The main playground “build” got underway on Monday, September 16, 2019. Parent volunteers, staff and students helped to accomplish the build over the weekend of September 20th and September 21st. It was a true St. Barnabas Team Effort! On Tuesday, September 24th at 10:30 AM the ribbon cutting and blessing of the new playground took place. The entire school and its volunteer community was in attendance. “It was so uplifting to see all the volunteers who came to help this weekend and then to feel and see the excitement as students and parents gathered as Fr. Ralph blessed all of the new play areas”, said Mrs. Jessica Endress, parent and chairperson for IGNITE 2019. “From the new office, to the new playground St. Barnabas is a Blazin”.

“Yesterday was a truly special day!  I am reminded again and again of the community, love and support that is St. Barnabas! said Mrs. Erin Faetanini, Principal at St. Barnabas School.  “We are truly blessed! My love and heartfelt gratitude for a job well done.”

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