While we maintain our position of not commenting on the pending opioid litigation, the legislation proposed by Attorney General Yost is outside of the direct legal proceedings.

As such, it is my position that the proposal is unconstitutional and an inappropriate use of legislative authority. Standing to bring legal action on behalf of the 541,000 residents I serve is well-established and I take the responsibility seriously.

For years, Summit County has been on the ground fighting to address the opioid epidemic and protect our community and families. The County has borne the substantial costs of prevention, education, drug interdiction and treatment related to the opioid epidemic. Our first responders, emergency teams, police force, public health and addiction treatment services, children’s services, and many more are on the front lines and are responding to the opioid epidemic every day. At this level of government, we are in the best position to serve our local communities and we know what we have spent and what we need for the future. We intend to proceed with the lawsuit we initiated in the best interest of all who live in Summit County.